Tag/Mention for Atlas Bankers

By now, everyone should be well aware that there is a mention option (@group) for tagging the entire team, and another mention option (@officers) for tagging the leader and officers, although there is no mention option to tag bankers. If no officers, nor the leader, are available, and no bankers are online or paying attention to team chat, don’t you think they’d need to be tagged too? This isn’t a major concern, but it would make things a whole lot easier for members who do not have access to the bank to get what they need :slightly_smiling_face: - of course you could also be patient, but some people simply don’t have time to be online for a long time.


And this is another reason why we’re pirates. No need to worry about bankers. However, for atlas teams that do have castles, this would be beneficial.

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Love this idea! :blush: There are so many times people @officers for resource requests, and there are other people who can help! I’d love for an @bankers option!


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