Tags for the new forum



Hey folks. Pretty simple topic here. What tags would you like to see added to this forum, and why? We’ll get some of these added as tags so staff and players can search for specific topics.




  • whenever PG Employee posts something
  • Reason: Its nice to be able to read whatever you folks post as first thing daily. It keeps one up to date with official discourse. With new forum this might change

Simple enough to understand

Again simple enough


We will have a custom image and potentially a feed for staff posts in the relatively near future. If that tech doesn’t work out I’ll fall back on a tag.


Not too worried about tags, but would like the avatar of an admin/employee to stand out, so you know that a PG member of staff replied, I know the “employee” is under the avatar they use but it’s that small , us older people with aging eyes have issues seeing it lol


Their name text is red. But yes, perhaps bold name or different font or something added to the avatar could possibly be helpful.


We’re working on a custom image when staff posts. I think there are a few other steps I can take as well. Don’t want to do the custom portrait thing yet.

  1. suggestion

  2. guide/tool - to distinguish them more from normal discussion in strategy


Guide sounds good. I like that one.


#candy #chocolate #scales #bandaid #owie #burninator
I’m sorry! I’m a bit punchy I guess. I do love that you’re using tags in this new forum, and if some legitimate ones pop into my squirrely head I’ll post ‘em here. Fer realsies. (also #bacon)


Id like to see
#Guide (or game guide)

Personally I would open the tag feature up to allow it to be added by the posters. Very hard to prempt a hashtag not needed yet.


The FAQ also refers to a nonexistent Site Feedback category (deleted default?). Is that going to be a tag then?


I agree, I would like to post something on that page, especially when you want to reply here using a smartphone. One to three lines of text (depending on the height of your keyboard) is hidden by the menu banner. I guess I will open a thread in general for this forum issue…
I am using Android and the mobile version of the website when encountering this problem by the way.


Sure, I can make a tag for that.


Thank you @PGJared (+1 badge :grin:)


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