Tailoring loot drops, being considered? 👀

Hi ya’ll, there was a thread in the past about tailoring loot drops based on players inventory … what happened to it? Did it get any traction with the developer? :thinking:

@PGMichael the recommendation does have merit. It is a proactive approach that would resolve a big chunk of high level player complaints, with no adverse effects to low level players. Just saying, there was a post about a hammer shortage and now I’m getting loads of hammer drops. I got +2100 hammers now … I don’t want hammers. :see_no_evil:. Please, please put the tailoring of drops on the table for discussion. Thank you! :kissing_heart::rose::rose:

Edit: Corrected Pocket Gem employee.


Has nothing to do with inventory :roll_eyes:

Has everything to do with money.

More you spend = more you get.

Welcome to PG.

I only spend on the Elite account. All those hammers are free :see_no_evil:

I’m just saying - that’s the idea with PG :woman_shrugging:t2:

You are lucky considering: HAMMERS the great hammer depression of 2018

I bet you dint defend much. I struggle to keep more than 200 myself.

It’s funny how some players get tons if one item. I have 1000 dragon boosts and 500 heals and I run a lot and always boosted. I have teammates that fly less and all they do is forge heals and are often below 10.

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True, I rarely defend so I’m overflowing with defensive spells … +3000 each of swords and shields. That’s why the tailoring of loot will be useful to all players. :grin:

Tailoring loot for the players would resolve this issue. :eyes:

That why I brought up the hammers. I think that thread caused the excessive hammer drops.

Tailoring, which may already happen to a degree, but not based on your inventory, would add another level of opacity to the already opaque matter of drops and other loot.

From a player perspective, the thing that makes the most sense is a market where I can buy what I need rather than a raffle ticket.

This will never happen, since the gamble’s psychology is essential to the profitability of the game.

Plenty of games are profitable without manipulating their players, but that’s not how PG rolls.

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You can tell between those who defend heavily and those who just hoard them. If you defended heavily, you would have a shortage of hammers. I wish they would just sell hammers, shields and swords separately in a pack.

The hoarding isn’t intentional. I’m in g1 and the wars rarely require defense points as a tie breaker. And I rarely defend my base, most of my food and wood is stolen so “what goes around comes around” is my belief … let the revenge takers have their fun in peace. :slight_smile:

But for reals, the quantity of defense spells is just going to grow if something isn’t done about it. :confused:

This would clear up some of the opacity and most definitely cut down on the complaints Pocket Gems gets.

Up to 2300 hammers now. Has there been any talk with the Gameplay Faction on curbing useless loot drops?

Drops are, from what I can tell (and what I have been told) as random as can reasonably be expected from a computer. Drops are not weighted evenly, so even in the random selection, some are more likely than others.

I do not think tailoring drops is likely to happen soon, if at all. It can at least be argued that random drops are fair.

How would thresholds for different items be set in a way that everyone would agree is fair?

Maybe determine via base level similar to maximum xp from raids.

We are discussing scaling of drops and prizes. But remember, we just provide feedback/suggestions/and maybe some push back… Ultimately, the decisions are made by PG.

I do not think any kind of customization will be part of any eventual change.

I understand the function of the GF and its limitations. Just wanted to verify that the subject is on the radar. Thanks bud. :rose:

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