Taleriok spell kit - freeze duration observations and questions

When flying Taleriok, I’ve noticed that the 1 second freeze of the Celestial Justice spell is overriding the 5 second freeze duration of Coldsnap. For example, if I cast Coldsnap on a tower, using the normal attack swipes afterwards doesn’t affect the 5 second freeze duration. However, If I cast Coldsnap on a tower, casting Celestial Justice afterwards will cause the tower to unfreeze sooner than the 5 second duration. This leads to the following questions I have:

  1. According to previous threads in the forum, recasting a freeze spell does not reset the freeze duration (the tower is still subjected to the duration from the initial cast). Is this still correct?

  2. If the answer to question 1 is yes, then should the same behavior apply to Taleriok’s spell kit? Aka is this a bug or is it intended as designed?

  3. Is the observed freeze behavior because Taleriok has 2 spells that freeze towers? Aka if a dragon has 2 spells that has a freeze effect, casting separate spells back to back will cancel the freeze of the other.

I’m hoping that this is an unintentional bug myself and it can be slated for a bug fix. it’s problematic because the 1 second freeze of Celestial Justice is (obviously) inferior to the 5 second duration, and it precludes you from using the 2 spells together with autoswiping.

In case anyone was wondering, I didn’t notice this sooner because I’ve been mostly flying Taleriok on an alt account.

PS. I also noticed that Kelvin’s Frozen Tomb doesn’t freeze projectiles anymore.

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Yes we know this bug from that season bonoy where we got talariok but we don’t see it benefits even though if the freeze continue see when you freeze the tower then you use 180 percent breath effect it defenitely remove the 5 sec freeze effect it don’t remove the freeze effect when you cast normal shots instead of that breath damage and still they need to fix many bugs so this is normal one and they don’t fix it and you can’t expect more from a legendary socerer

Thanks for the corroboration. I’m surprised it wasn’t brought up during the season Taleriok was released… I guess people just don’t expect legendary dragons to get fixed, I’ll file a bug ricket with support for this and cross my fingers. It could be an underlying issue with how spells work with each other and could strike again with another spell kit.

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