Talon Frenzy and Havoc

SO many times defended against avyx talon frenzy or extra spell havoc (equipped in hunter)

Case: short island / long island front. Blue mage in front.

Having blue mage towers in front still gives them atleast a second or enough time to burst 3 towers while spell is active. Which puts short bases lvl 200 below at a huge percentage of losing becuase they including me dont have that many towers lol. -3 high lvl towers is more like GG.
Kills lvl 250 - 400++ too lol :man_shrugging:t3:

needs change or not?

No need change. That’s just good flying.


Sorry if its good flying to you then ok.

Just my opinion - I’m one player. Others might feel different :man_shrugging:

With appropriate balance changes coming, bases will be harder if defended.

Before then, It’s either pre cast for Avyx, towers gone, or no pre cast, Avyx gone.

Which way would you have gone for?


Short bases are weak in general vs hunters with good spells. Nexc, Haun, Noc, Ayyx.

Short bases are general good against Sorc and Warriors. Kinda of the way things are. Never going to be a balanced base for all type of dragons and skill sets.


I and maybe for some did not get avyx for that sole reason, facing set of Towers with blue mages in front which is very very typical/common that would make them like a normal hunter that cant cast either of his spells. It works same on thunderstorm spell thats why it was changed to red spell. Details( u can cast old thunderstorm blue after the turn even if theres a blue mage in front) , i understand that the nature of thunderstorm is really supposedly a red one but if it werent for players discovering that it could be casted on a split second after a turn then they wouldnt havd changed it right?

Am I saying this to ease the thought of me not getting avyx? Maybe more like im saying this because it must be a loophole just like the old “sage” thunderstorm.

Absolutely great point. Thats why i have drain island now. If u have one too, please dont be one of those who has a dragon on perch, * whisphers* they make it as a way to gain rage.

to be more fair, rage drain doesnt do anything when the flier knows how to dodge. It’s in fact not difficult to do. But i expect them to dmage Destar quite a bit when lvl 65 comes out lol

you cant dodge 2 blue mage supershot if the mages are placed far apart. Please show me if you can dodge 2 blue mage super shot, and please dont tell me u can dodge it with invert, then ull be hit by the red supershots.

Lol you can whatever the blue is placed.

The issue with thunderstorm is it didn’t stop. That would be like if you cast Talon Frenzy soon enough, the Blue wouldn’t stop it at all. Just FYI.

Also, we reported the issue day 1 when Gold Tier first game out years ago.

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Ayvx isn’t really a lead hunter like a Noc or Necx. Ayvx is a great, amazing clean up dragon after the bases have been weakened to almost nothing.

He doesn’t need a nerf as he’s easy to kill on a well setup base… if someone flies him as the first dragon.

Yes, avyx is pretty good. I’m just saving the HM runes lolol :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Ill show you in a bit, one second.

curious what you’re planning…

Lol I’m just looking for the video i did with my alt :joy: hard to find with like 999999999 videos on ipad

All I’m saying is reverse projectile and blues are worthless then you have reds so reverse kill blues cloak then continue on your journey.

Its fine, i can wait. Itll be a good thing i learn if it can really be done, dodging supershots after the blue mage (caster of ss) is sanded, yes u can cloak, but you cant sand a tower at the same time if the blue mages are far apart.

How do you upload video here? Sanding doesnt work for multiple mages on rage drain, regular fireball is good