TalonsOfMayhem: Recruiting for seriously active players


TalonsOfMayhem - Gold1- lvl 100+

Language: ANY, however many of us speak English
Time Zone: ANY
Played time: ANY- have players all over the world :blush:
Age Range: Adult language and content used, and preferred :rofl:
Elite Account?: YES
Line App: Preffered

TalonsOfMayhem. Gold 1 Angry Hantus. Rating 1569

We are looking for extremely active players to join our dragon family.

Must be level 100+
Participate in all wars, team quests, and events
Be helpful and respectful to all teammates

This team is like a family unit. Everyone helps each other. We want everyone to grow, learn, and have fun while doing it.
We do not allow our family to be farmed, or harassed in any way. That being said, I don’t put up with drama either
If you have any questions, or suggestions, it is your team too after all, then ask, or let me know. Anything that’s beneficial for the team, is most welcome always.

If interested in joining, please contact me : TalonsOfMayhem
Leader: MorganLeFe
Line I.D. 696907031970

Happy Hunting