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I will be posting all of my creations here for the new season!

If there’s anything you guys would be interested in seeing, please reply and I’ll do my best to accommodate requests

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First wave


The Darkmire Season - YouTube


Mythic Dark Invoker


Mythic Ice Hunter


Mythic Fire Warrior

Discount - Connivyl

Legendary Earth Sorcerer

Season Stuff

Season Structure

The new system

2. Event - Fight Pits


Desktop - with and without names


I have one request :star_struck: keep being this fantastic please :blush::blush::blush:


Awww thank you! :pleading_face::blush:


Yes , please
Waiting to look new season dragon pics :heart_eyes:


Can I just pay you a compliment for doing a great job of presenting things on the forums.
MANY times on this forum posts are more about negativity than positivity.
The work that you and some others do takes time and effort and is often overlooked or rarely truly appreciated!!
So again, Thank you for spending some of your valuable time to put together these posts that are informative!!


Wave 1

Spell cards:



Wait so there’s 3 mythics and 1 legendary?
This seems like the current season structure…

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Yes there are :sweat_smile: haven’t got information about the season structure changes yet

Interesting… thanks Tami

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Oh uh one more question. What is the invoker’s invoke shot?

Haven’t got any confirmed information about that either yet :sweat_smile: - sorry about that. Everything which was confirmed and gave to the CF is in the pictures :sweat_smile:

Going to add it, when we have a confirmed answer about it :slight_smile:


That it does :confused: thought someone in PG said that something was in the works to make it like the old style…but i guess they were wrong. 3 mythics is like the structure we have currently.

But i guess well have to wait till monday for more info


He said something closer to the old style, he never said it would be the old 2 mythic style. Nor did he specify which old style, we’ve had numerous previous season formats


Warrior and invoker :heart::heart:
Thanks for info :relaxed:

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No point really talking about this before Monday but based on the info rn, this looks nothing like the old style (which is implied to be the 2 separate mythic one) and doesn’t address the issues that players were complaining about. We shall see soon

It was not implied, people just made assumptions and then get mad when their assumptions turn out to be wrong. Just like how people are making the assumption that we’re losing a “discount” because the ascending dragons dont say 50% off when they’ve never been 50% off.


I likely haven’t been playing the game as long as you but I know we have had 2 “new” mythics for over 4 years. When someone says “we’re moving back to something like the old structure”, after something new was implemented a few months ago, that most definitely implies the structure that existed for the previous 4 years and not something obscure prior to that :man_facepalming:

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3.5 actually. Double mythics started in Fall 2018 and stopped after Winter 2021. That’s 14 seasons of double mythics.

Actually it implies something like what we once had. That could have been 2 mystics or it could have been be non-ascending dragons or it could be no more exotics runes/glyphs, it could be no more key system, it could be 1 key per full cost line again, it could be not losing a dragon to get our mythic, it could be only needing to do 2 lines to unlock a mythic but the mythic itself is a line that costs sigils. There are a lot more features from old seasons than just the 2 mythic system.
Again, you’ve made an assumption and then rationalize that it is the only logical meaning when there are actually several.

The 3 mythic system isn’t what people were complaining about, it was the ascension system, both the tokens and dragons. It was losing a legendary and the “discount” dragon being garbage.



Noooo really? I thought he said it would be the old 2 mythic style she says sarcastically

What i was getting at when I said this…

…is that this “new format” isnt reading ANY of the old styles. Having 3 mythics that im assuming you dont get right off the bat, meaning theyre probably legendary, is very close to the style we have now.

Yes im going to speculate for a second gasp.

The only way this would be like any of the older styles is if we ALL have to go for the legendary dragon then we get to pick which one of the three mythics wed like, which in my option seems kinda stupid and not thought out. But if they do it that way, that would mean the amount of keys needed to claim a mythic would be less than it is now. And i dont see PG doing that, they make to much money with people buying rubies and stuff like that to ensure they get a mythic dragon each season.

Edit: and this will be my last comment on the “new” formate on this thread. I dont want to fill tamis lovely and informative thread up with arguments

I hope you realize that minor correction has 0 effect on the validity of my statement.

If you think that the “old way” implied something older than 3.5 years then that’s a very weird way of thinking. If that is what PG intended then 1) that’s pretty awful communication and 2) unfriendly to players who started playing within that 3.5 year range (many).

I agree with this. All I said is that considering we were given a 50% discount legendary and 3 “mythics”, this system currently seems to look exactly like the one we’ve had the past 2 seasons.

Like you mentioned the main problem was losing a legendary and the legendaries themselves being pretty bad. There are not several logical meanings. Your other meanings are illogical and you yourself have admitted to what the problem is.

Keep in mind that I did say we shouldn’t argue over this until Monday.

^Like SoulStealer this will also be my last comment on the thread

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