Tami's Unearthed Newsletter

Heya :grin:!

I will be posting all of my creations here for the new season!

If there’s anything you guys would be interested in seeing, please reply and I’ll do my best to accommodate requests

Kind regards,

Wave 1

Wave 1 - Spells and Visuals
J'elithos – Mythic Ice Invoker

J'elithos Spells 🧊

Durgotth – Mythic Earth Hunter

Durgotth spells 🔮💜

Telment – Mythic Wind Sorcerer

Telment Spells 💎

Pyrrot – Legendary Fire Warrior

Pyrrot Spells 🔥🦜

Season Trailer

Unearthed - Season Trailer - YouTube

Champion Riders

Videos and Streams


Unearthed – The Dragons - YouTube

How I create...

How I create my flight videos - YouTube
How I do my spell cards - J'elithos - YouTube


1. Unearthed Stream - Legendary Dragons | Mythic Telment - YouTube
2. Unearthed Stream - Mythic Durgotth & Telment | Pyrrot - YouTube

Flights - Undefended

Mythic Telment vs. JL - YouTube


1. Event – Temple Raid

2. Event - Fortification

Summer Atlas Season

Gold 2 Primarch Update

Atlas Champion Rider - Björn ⛑️

Atlas Costs

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if this format doesn’t fit your phone or your tablet, please send me a dm with what you need and I’ll add it here






Collage Pyrrot and Durgotth

Collage Telment and J'elithos


Durgotth and Pyrrot Collage - Ipad

Telment and J'elithos Collage

Durgotth - IPad

J'elithos IPad

Telment - IPad

Pyrrot - IPad

Explanations | Summarys

Champion rider summary and how to get them🔗


Come and meet the new unearthed season - Wave 1✨️


Shame the warrior isnt a mythic, I love his colors and his body design is kind of cool.

Sorcerer looks like Krelos and Avernic had a baby and gave it a weird, cheerfully colored hat.


It doesn’t look like either at all :rofl:

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Hmmm :thinking::thinking::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: poor Duck. To shut up or not to shut up … That is the question…



is it gonna be like unchained where we ascend them from legendary to mythic?

It actually looks like Avernic a bit but Krelos …. He’s not ugly enough to look like Krelos or even has a Mohawk he just looks like a macaw or a parakeet. Also “forums no say” a bit ironic on my end as well as when has anyone had a say it’s all over the place.

But hey I am questioning how that bat hunter can fly I mean just look at his big fingers sure his face looks cool and similar to Nargacuga a from Monster Hunter just a tiny bit even with it having a scar in one of it’s eyes during a hunt. It’s just like the known laws of aviation with bees.

Can you just merge this topic with the official topic since it’ll be pretty much the same info?

Just sayin :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Yes :smile:

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I don’t really see a reason for this because this thread hasn’t got the same goal as the reveal thread.

I’ll post my creation (posters, events, videos) in here for the upcoming season like I did in the CF newsletter last season and Imp in his thread every season.



Thx. The posters look superb as always! keep up the good work

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the-office-bow (1)

@Tami thanks for the posters since I couldn’t catch the stream
Btw do we have the portraits yet? :eyes:


Unfortunately no :smiling_face_with_tear: i would love to see them as well

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Thanks !!

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They are the superior dragon though compared to the other 3 options.
So could you not tell someone to shut up about their OPINION? Cool thanks. And like Zero said,

So you might want to use some spare wood that you have in the game to build a bridge over that small attitude of yours and get over it.

People can say what they want, with in reason, and theres nothing wrong with zero saying what she did.

And dont worry, ill flag myself for my own words being inappropriate. So none of you have to do it, cause we all know someone in general will flag this post.

Sooooo this doesnt get marked as off topic again.


This season looks cool dragon wise. I cant wait to see their spells…and to see how long PG will take till they nerf dragons like they did in the past. Kinda wish they would nerf dragons before people pick one…hell even maybe nerfing them the 2nd week of the season wouldnt be to bad, as long as its the beginning of the week.


Wallpapers :sparkles:

if this format doesn’t fit your phone, please send me a dm with what you need and I’ll add it here





Personally, I really enjoy Pyrrot and Durgotth as a wallpaper :smile: maybe I’ll do a collage wallpaper as well

Collage Pyrrot + Durgotth


Will you be doing the iPad backgrounds too? The 1920x1080p collage doesn’t fit my iPad 9th gen.