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  1. Event - Gauntlet


is this data with 1 drag ? or 3 dragon or 2 dragon ??

Like my last tables with 1 dragon and no siegers

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yep :smile:

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Updated tables


Come and meet the new tower - the Charged Volt Tower

  1. Event - Fortification

Updated version :triangular_flag_on_post:


Is this info the right one about the new tower and how much electrum bars. will it take to upgrade to the max lvl for the tower in the game.
And also I have bjorn at lvl 40 how many shards would I need to get. in the Alta’s rider branch or in the championship rider branch in Alta’s. to get the extra 7% discount for 17% construction on tower leveling in the game.

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If you have Bjorn at lv 40 then you need 146 Bjorn shards to get him up to lv 50 and then you need at least 40 gold atlas champion shards to get enough skill points to get his 17% construction skill


so i can re skilled bjorn just needed 40 champion shards to get the 17% construction bonus?? even though i will not fully leveled him to 60?? btw i have bjorn at lvl 50

Yep, can always simulate it in Neon if you’re not sure.


You dont need the rider level 60 for max construction bonus. Only level 56 :disguised_face:


Lighting research :white_check_mark:, lighting resist :x:


level 54*
It costs 150 skill points to reach the 2nd construction skill which you get by lv 54. Everything after that is just additional stat boosts


Thank you for the information. Good to know Lv54 is good enough to get max “Building upgrade time” skill. How do you use Bjorn? Develop 3rd perch for him? Since Defender also have -5% Research time that better to keep him on perch too?

Yeah I have by 3rd perch built up for my construction rider since I’ll probably never actually get real towers out on those islands. I’ll just keep Bjorn out at all times since I work on smaller towers between forts. The research skill only reduces it by a few hours I think so I dont even bother with it most of the time.


oh, yeah, you’re right. Maybe I don’t have to build 3rd perch But just exchange Tanok with Defender only when I do the research. This is not very often though.

ok so do I have to get the entire rider branch done in Alta’s for me in order to get the gold shards to lvl up bjorn in the game to get the 7% extra construction time discount

You have to do the entire regular rider branch (the one where you pick between blue shards, gold packs or Bjorn shards) to unlock the champion branch. Then you only technically need to go up to prize #37 in the champion branch to get enough gold champion shards to level him enough for the extra 7%