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If you don’t need it, simply don’t use it. Don’t blame other people, if you simply have no use for it.
Other people asked for wallpaper and they got it.
They ask for spell cards and here we are.
I like not to search every time within the forums to find the one info, which is needed for xyz.
If you have nothing constructive to say and only here to slander, go to another playing field.


Now you filled up this thread with useless stuff and made others to respond to you instead of leaving it nice and tidy with Tami‘s things. Now we need to scroll more to get to see them or look them up lol.


Good points - let’s end this here and come back on topic :blush::pray:

All spells are also added in the main post above, so you don’t have to search in the thread much

Thank you all!

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Unearthed season structure :yellow_heart:


@Tami does that mean we get 2 tower branches week 6?

According to the offical post :arrow_heading_down: it could be,

BUT I don’t have more information yet either, what a summer tower is or if it’s a new tower :thinking: - I’m going to ask for this on tuesday.

Side note: I’m also confused by the “summer electrum branch” term - does this summer thing means it is something special?

I am guessing it’s just the regular tower and electrum branches but they added the word “summer” just because it’s the summer season :man_shrugging:


Based on low electrums usual in orrey branch there is no way to get enough with only 1 tower branch. I serious hope they add more this season as promised us.


It’s probably called “summer tower” just because the name has not yet been revealed so currently it’s just the tower coming out this summer.

I hope they arent taking away one of the tower branches. That would make adding electrums to the dragon lines redundant if they’re cutting a huge electrum supply. However it does seem like they’re trying to reduce the number of chests we get from lines so I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut the archmage line thst had 215-250 gold chests and just repurposed the oclulus branch which they just cut most of the gold chests out of.

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Or they could increase the amounts in the lines to compensate for the shortages based on the tower lvl increases. I’m not sure why the costs to stay in step with tower lvls means we must complete more lines.

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First , Awesome work with pics of Dragon posters and spells. Thanks for creating for us. I will follow your this post full season. You have good creativity.

Second, Requesting for a double or triple defended video of Earth hunter and ice invoker as early as possible in June 1st week.

Thanks :blush:


I’ll try my best :grin: - I’ve planned to make some streams and videos in week 1, I hope I’m not getting too busy at RL work.

Just in case:

This is the thread of @Imperivm92 he will definitely do defended videos too, u should drop by :blush:


Week 1 - Temple Raid


Heard anything new about next pits?

I do hope its gone or gets major changes.


Odds are it is here to stay.

Have a great start into the unearthed season tomorrow :blush:


Tami, did you do some older event poster with alien hatching from egg for breeding before? Or someone else?
Please do some Batman theme in future too! :blush:

No I didn’t and probably never would, because I’m using only WD images :sweat_smile::woozy_face: SORRY!

The alien picture were from @PoseidonPQ :grin:
He did an awesome job, but he isn’t playing anymore.

I think this was the picture u referred to:

I would never be able to draw like this.


Man i miss those punny posters, dont get me wrong i love all of CF posters. But those posters always made my monday