Tanok’s second page summary 🐌

The second page is kind of expensive but the black pearls and embers will be more useful than another dragon right now. :heart_eyes:

100 gold chests is a nice surprise for sure. :grin:


I like your handwriting :full_moon_with_face: and the summary makes it easier to read than from a document so here’s a like for your efforts


Thanks bud! :rose:

The gold chests are certainly nice, but no different than previous riders. Oksana also had 100 gold chests in her armor line, partly why I picked it up despite the mediocre stats.

I was happy to see black pearls in the line, then depressed to see the amount.


Given how mediocre this season is it’s not a bad choice to finish second line for rewards tbh

Or maybe just hold sigils for now and see what else they for in store


When I saw those pearls I got suddenly very excited about the second page :smile:


I didn’t realize Oksana had that many gold chests. The seasons are becoming squished together

I asked Crisis to see if they would add the pearls to the line, glad they did! Sad to see they’re all on the second page tho… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t mind them being on the second page as much. What I mind is the pathetic payouts of black pearls. This is for a defense rider. It really feels like the pearl payout should be equitable with the amount of elemental ember shards that are being given away in the second page of prizes.


Yeah, it would be nice if they removed the ice shards and added more pearls. But maybe the lower levels need the shards … there must be a reason for them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep… or just make all shards one type… fire and ice turrets are less useful now…

I would gladly trade those ice shards for black pearls.


How would you keep your dragons cool then?


There’s a big old ocean off to the side of my base :joy: they can keep cool with a day at the beach.

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