Tap & Hold on a Speedup instead of tapping 5,000x getting finger cramps

When I’m trying to speed up a building that takes 35 days to complete, and I want to use my 1 Hr Speedups since I always get those from Atlas, have the speedups automatically apply continuously while my finger is held down on the Speedup. So I can tap and after a few seconds of delay (in case this was in error) the speedups will be applied much faster. I sat there for like 10 straight minutes tapping the 1Hr Speedup. This is just so inefficient.

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there is an auto select button?


Riddle me this. What is better, 10 12 hour speeds or 120 1 hour speeds?
They both give the Same amount of speed ups. Actually the 1 hour would be better because if something is 35 days and 9 hours you’d save 3 hours of speed ups.


Not a good riddle…

Like what envy said, there’s a feature called “auto select” that lets the system use the highest timers to the lowest to make sure that the overall time used is the same as the amount it takes to complete it down to the very minute if you have minute timers.

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:point_up_2:t2: This


120 1h. 10 12h alone can’t be used to speed up 6 13h upgrades.


Yes, this is inefficient, especially since you have option to finish it in 2-3 taps.


Anyone not using the auto apply deserves all the finger cramps they get.


But see I’m very picky about my timers lol
Rule number 1) I get rid of all of my 30 min speed ups first.
2) my 3h, 1h, and 15min timers need to be nice even numbers (multiples of 100 or preferably multiples of 1000) on the completion of a building upgrade. 3) there needs to be more 3min speeds than 1 min speeds, and both need to be nice numbers prior to the balancing of the 3h, 1h, and 15min timers. 4) after the 3h, 1h, and 15min timers have been balanced to their nice numbers & the time on the upgrade is almost completed, then the balance of the 3min and 1min timers can be messed up in order to complete to the upgrade without messing with the numbers of the 3h, 1h, and 15min timers.

Ig I’m kinda superstitious abt it.

This change wouldn’t be a hard one to implement but it would make this process a lottttt easier and less tedious.

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It would actually take a fair bit of time, and it would be utterly useless.

You wilfully chose to do an irrational tedious thing which has no purpose whatsoever. You don’t then get to complain that it’s too tedious.


Just spend all your timers for everything (including troop training and stuff), or give them all to me, as 0 is a multiple of 100, 1000, and 1000000 :stuck_out_tongue:.

:roll_eyes: Sacrificing flexibility for false aesthetic feels?


I have the feeling that even if this was actually implemented it would cause you even more heart ache.

In real life situations ie changing an oven clock etc. It starts slowly when you hold the button but will get faster and faster. At what point do you stop to try and get your exact increments.

Also imo this is not a needed feature.


Lol no this would not take long time to implement. Literally like 2 days max. As far as coding goes that’s pretty dang simple.

And I do it because it drives me up the walls when my timers aren’t in order lol. I’m not exactly planning on turning this into a full fledged debate since the chance of this being implemented regardless of relative simplicity is next to nil because for the people that timer amounts don’t matter to (AKA almost everyone apparently) see this as useless and for some reason think that it should be prevented from implementing.

Well “false” is an entirely subjective statement in this situation. It annoys me to no end if I don’t.

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Lol yeah oven timers drive me nuts. I hate them

I’m somewhat fascinated by this. So, if you arrange for everything to be round numbers, and then you do a run a get 1 3-minute timer, what do you do next? Do you burn it on something you don’t need to get rid of it, or let it fester, taunting you?


Personally, I’d much rather their team spent time coding things that would be useful to a larger audience, like an open all or open 100 button for bronze chests, rather than the handful who are bothered by this and don’t want to use the “auto select” feature.


I am sorry but I really had to laugh about this… I can feel your pain, I used to do the same :joy::joy:

I switched to auto select because of what AngelvonWolf said, the 1 and 3 min timers i got from runs drove me crazy so I live with chaos now - and I like it :sweat_smile:

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