Tapping misalignment



Whenever I try and touch/select the screen, the actual location it tries to select in the game is in a different spot. Always to the left and up, thus making it impossible to select the bottom right of the screen.

It’s like the alignment is off.

I would delete and reinstall, but I don’t want to loose all my progress.

Help please.


Delete and reinstall won’t reset the progress, as long as you’ve made pocket id.


Is it a phone setting?


As long as you have a Pocket ID, a delete and reinstall is very safe. I’m not sure it would help in this case, I’ve never encountered it, but I do it about once a week.


How do I know if I have a pocket ID? I created this account outside of the game, since I couldn’t get access in the game.

And I thought it might be a phone setting, but it’s the only app having this problem.


I have been having this problem too. You should not lose your progress as long as you don’t reset the phone.

Your Android ID will remain unchanged, and you probably won’t even need to log in. I never do unless I logged out previously. Just uninstall the game and reinstall it.

But, to be sure, you should make a Pocket ID.

To do this, click on the settings, and then click on account and then click to login.

You need to create an account.

Should be it.


Hopefully the tapping misalignment issues allow you to click the right spot to create an account! :crossed_fingers:


That’s the problem… The misalignment won’t let me access the area to create an account.


In that case, maybe email support?



Thank you very much for all the responses!


Click the 3 lines next to the log-in button on top right. I have done this before without access to my Pocket ID and they’ve still been able to access my info and help me.


I had no problem with the buttons on the Samsung Tab or on the LG G5 phone.

But when migrated the game to the LG G7, using 18.9:9 aspect ratio, somehow the buttons acted a bit off… a bit off to the right from their position. From chat I usually initiate an attack before manage to send RSS to a mate and such.

My suspicion is that the long and narrow screens are not favoured by WD. The event/atlas event screens don’t even show properly, the bottom of them is just missing since the game fills the full width of the screen (and no way to scroll down)

It’s certainly worth opening a ticket, maybe some screenshots can be attached just to give a little work to the devs, and help them with the visuals.


My phone has the 19:9 aspect ratio as well.

Not sure if it’s the screen dimensions or the resolution or the combination. Didn’t have these problems on my old HTC 10.


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