Tarand green evolution stone

Anyone know where I can get the tarand green evolution stone? I just started playing again and have no clue how to get it.

Oh buddy he is like very very old , my first maxed seasonal divine in game in 2016 or 2017 maybe . I doubt he makes a return


Darn, alright thank you. Well I’m not sure what to do with him, I have very old dragons so I assume the problem is going to happen again. I might have to drop this game again :sweat_smile:

There are new dragons available. I recommend saving up sigils for the festive branch because you can get multiple divine dragons from Draconic chests by acquiring shards

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Festive and buying Embers evolution is how I caught up

This is my second season

You don’t need the old dragons. A lot of them aren’t relevant in today’s meta in any case. You’ll have more fun flying the new seasonals.

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Wow old dragons from 2016. Not available anymore and so are their evolution stones. I still remember those dragons I still love them

Just get the new dragons

Well I might as well ask, does this also apply to the fae, kannarus, tengu, and abraxxas dragons? Because I don’t want to spend my time and resources leveling them up just to not be able to evolve them.

Yes, seasonal dragon stones are only available during their season. That was true in 2016 and still is true today (except for the occasional resurrection dragon). You are about 24 seasons late to still level those, and tbh they would be useless even if you could.


Leveling dragons do not waste your timers or any rare resources, though it does take some time in order to raid for food and experience points.

Just claim newer dragons as they will most likely going to be far better anyway, and finish the branch this time before moving onto a new branch so that you’ll be able to claim all evolution stones for the dragon.