Targets on Temple Raid Islands

I would like to suggest moving the target in Temple Raid to be on top of the island being targeted rather than beside. For those who are sleep deprived, new, or just confused, placing the target between two islands can be misconstrued as a different island than intended being targeted.


Ignoring my abysmal score (I’ve had some real life stuff happen this week aka holiday), some people could feasibly think that the target is on Dark instead of Ice. Placing the target between two islands does not effectively target an island at all.

Yes, at this particular moment the storm is between the two, so only fart nuggets would hit dark. But if the storm was further along, the placement of the target is inconvenient at best, confusing at worst. They should be placed on top of the island, rather than in between.


I disagree, it’s fine where it is. It’s right next to the % cleared for that island which should not be an issue for anyone to figure out after taking a moment to look. If they’re confused then they can ask their team. Putting it above the island could still make it confusing for dark vs ice and wind vs fire. If someone can remember that the target is above the island then they can remember the target is next to the progression score


No I mean on top of like literally on the graphic of the island

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Honestly if it was literally on the island people would probably notice it even less, especially on the fire island.



There’s literally a progress percentage on the target mark :man_facepalming:t3: Dont know how one could miss it.

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Or just type the target in your team plans and have team enemies/ targets/ Allie’s stay there as well and have it marked too :woman_shrugging:t2: Then just tell your team which island to hit.

I disagree with your disagreement. It would be a small improvement, but improvement nonetheless. In terms of placement, it would be clearer if the target was placed along a line between the center of the central island and the targeted island.

I agree with GhostRider. I’ve always found Ice target confusing.
If only it was on the right hand side of the progress, that would be enough to not confuse anyone.

It’s already next to the percentage cleared. I think this is more of an issue of people not using basic common sense rather than there being anything wrong.
Maybe they could move it to the outside of the islands so it is never within the inner ring but that’s about it.

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Instead of fixing the target. Why not make it so players can only attack the marked island picked by leadership?

Yes before anyone gets snippy, I’m aware that it would mean possible major recoding and all of that. But then is kinda stops players from hitting other targets. Cause let’s face it people are told to do something, some say screw it and do their own thing.

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I’m unsure if that’s either a bad idea or good idea cause part of me is shouting it’s a bad idea because it could probably break the game and cause a bunch of glitches to show up or it’s good saying that it’s going to force labor onto teams to force teammates to focus on one thing instead of the other but then there would be a problem cause how would you attack guardians and the middle island?

Well the middle island wouldn’t be effected, yes you cab mark it now, but some newer players don’t have those two dragon teirs yet so forcing them not to get points isn’t fair. So it kinda be like now, you attack the middle island and get as far as you can before moving to the targeted islands.

As for the guardians no clue XD.


Possibly they could have a little pop up saying something like, “leadership has marked X island, please focus on that island first” when a player goes to the main event screen


I do though kinda agree with OP, something does need changed when it comes to marking islands for this events. Hence two of my examples above. Though looking at the both, the second option with the pop up seems like the better choice. Only on the account that it seems less likely to break the game, cause it to glitch, or just turn around throw a teenage rebellious stage on up than the locking players into the marked island. Cause like WWL said the center island and guardians wouldn’t be easily handled if you do the lock in option.


At the same time I kinda agree with Zero as well. The location of the target doesn’t need to be moved. There’s a percentage of damage done for a reason.

Then this idea wasn’t really thought through mainly half of it.

It was a thought that came to me went seeing the title and the ops post. It was meant to be a ball park idea that could be tweaked or built on. Not all ideas need to be thought through the whole way to be an idea.

It again was a throw it at the wall and see if it sticks or what parts stick.

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I’d prefer them to do a push notification any time one of the Guardians come available.

Target is fine like it is, it is literally next to that islands percentage.

Unless of course they would consider just drawing a big red circle around the entire island. Or even better, allow officers to rank islands with a 1,2,3 or something similar.

Team plan :rofl::joy: like anyone ever reads that……

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To add to this… it would put the leadership in an ever greater stress situation. They would have to make sure than one from the leadergroup was online the second an island was done, because no one would be able to start attacking a new island before the mark was moved. Also we would need more marks, as the mark would have to stay on the island for the 3 hours the temple guards are up…

all in all - sorry to say… this is a really really bad idea.

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Again it was just an idea that could get tweaked and shit like that. Maybe leadership could appoint someone to mark islands in their place, like how in atlas the castles have postions for nonleadership people. That way it can take the stress off of leadership.

I have a suggestion let us target teams in the event

How would that benefit us? not all teammates can get maximum points for the levels they can hit