Tattered Flag Tug of War

Can anyone provide me with more information regarding the tattered flag flying on my base? Thanks!

It’s a flag you stole from a team in the last Tug of War event. If you click on it it’ll tell you what team it belongs too.
Mine have gone missing and I’m still waiting for them to be returned. Support says they are working on it but I doubt I’ll get them back. :anguished:

They are not good at sewing, it takes time :joy:

Pfft! They replaced my actual team flags so they are pretty dam fast :joy: Mine as well as a couple teammates don’t have the correct flags on our bases.

What about the other flags? Some have one, some have two and some have three team flags. What do all those represent?

Flags aren’t distributed equally. The more points you get on a team, the more flags you get. Hope I’m explaining that clearly. Lol.
If a base has 1 flag, that player attacked enough in a round to steal 1 flag. If a base has 16, then they attacked enough to steal 16 flags. The more flags, the better.

MaliciousMinx, you mean tattered Flags. The more you steal, the more you get to display. My second question is regarding the regular team flags.

If the flags are based on points then the game is broke because some team mates fly three with fewer points in the last event.

Everyone starts with four shiny new flags of their own team. When their teams steal a flag a tattered flag will appear on one teammate’s base. Scoring more points against the team the flag was stolen from increases the chance of the flag appearing on that person’s base. If your team loses one of its own flags one of the four intact flags will disappear from one teammate’s base

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I guess that’s where the beginning flag count comes from at the start of the event. Thank you!

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