Tattoos anyone? 😏


Of course not :wink: just to warn you though, I usually tell people that I have a portrait of my wife tattooed on my back then show them this!!
The looks I get from some people is priceless :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We have a winner!

I’m shedding tears for everyone who doesn’t know nor has ever played on a Nintendo 64. It’s one of the most iconic gaming consoles and some of the games on it were single-handedly responsible for the innovation and progression of game development!

But I digress. All your tattoos are way cooler than mine! :heart_eyes:


@PGCrisis yours is fun and unconventional. :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:


Very nice ink!


I can only show a few bcz the others are impossible to take pics of…the drawing is my next tat I’ll be getting, a memorial picture for my love drawn by my cousin… but I’m being VERY picky about the artist





Those are yours?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You KNOW this has happened to someone somewhere :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


NICE AF​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Clean as hell too


That’s beautiful direwolf…
And killerfrost my replies are glitchy af too


That is, by far, the sickest dragon backpiece tat I’ve seen yet…
You wouldn’t happen to be in AZ would you?:heart_eyes::joy:
I need a REALLY good artist for my memorial tattoo, it HAS to be perfect…
How many sessions and total hours did it take? My chest piece was 2 3 hr sessions :woman_facepalming: but he was a perfectionist :pensive: I miss him


That’s the sign of a true gamer​:joy::joy::joy::joy:
I have all of the Nintendo consoles EXCEPT for the 64 :woman_shrugging: but I have the Atari and Sega genesis master to make up for all that…
I just need a PS3 and get a new original Xbox bcz mine busted and I’ll have EVERY GAMING CONSOLE :metal::metal::metal::metal:
but… even after all of that… I never thought of getting a tattoo of one so you far surpass my gamer status :joy::metal:


Thank you very much and I really like your chest piece, nice work!
It took 4, 5 hour sessions.
Unfortunately I’m in the UK and the guy that did this tat has retired, I’m soooo gutted as I had other work lined up :cry:so I’m in the market for a new tattoo artist myself!


I love seeing all the creative designs. Is it painful for a chest/underboob tat?


Mine of course! :wink:
Thank you :kissing_heart:

Your chest tattoo is really nice too! i love tattooed chest :bomb:


All of your tattoos are so cool! I do not have any as I have a huge fear of needles. If I did, it would be Disney related for sure.


If that was to me I am in upstate NY artist is Jason Decker at Tatoo U in Utica NY he’s amazing the half sleeve was about 30 hours the back wasn’t about the same :wink:


I’m a fan of the hidden Mickey tattoos. Here are some on the web that I like. Can you find him?