Taunter Donations

Can you raise the donation to 10 k troops by one player or a combination of many to a max of 10 k troops per day . Lately the new glory system is hurting a lot of teams , why can’t we decide what to do with them ?

There are other threads where it has been asked how much it should be increased and why.

In short, it is how it is to avoid past abuses. And pg sounded open to adjusting this, but no idea where such a thing would fall on the priorities.

I think it makes sense to have different limits from teams not in your 5ta, within your 5ta and within your team itself. But I don’t think we want the limits to be high enough that any players entire purpose is to feed their glory to the top guys without any other participation.

But it would be nice to be able to contribute more significantly to the players who are bleeding troops trying to defend our castles from the constant barrage of snipers siphoning off troops in the hundreds of thousands. It wouldn’t hurt quite as much if I could revive 100 % the troops that I lose in defence of my castle. Losing 30% just adds insult to injury. Let the team share the burden a little more equally by allowing larger donations to help replenish troops lost in defending castles

is not an increase is a way for other people to contribute what others cant .

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