Taunter Mechanics Part 2

I’ve read everything that mentions Taunters. What I have seen says Taunters taunt FOR their team and allies (5tA).

What I have experienced is that Taunters taunt everyone EXCEPT team and allies (5ta).

I’ve shown up at least three times to a battle where I can give details that I was taunted by Taunters of “allies” when not attacking their 5tA. One was an alliance glory party where my options were hit an ally or hit nothing. One was an ally defense where it was hit nothing or hit the third party taunter there to defend my ally, and the third was a bubble party where I had to hit an ally not in my 5tA or hit nothing.

I think the description for Taunters should say Taunters taunt anyone NOT in the 5tA with fewer troops than the taunter.

I’ve been told that Taunters only protect the 5tA and I won’t be taunted if I’m hitting another team, but that hasn’t been my experience. If I see non-5tA allies bringing loaded Taunters, I only take trappers because my siegers always get taunted. Am I broken? I wouldn’t be surprised if I am.

If Taunters taunt everyone except 5TA then there wouldn’t be any Taunters at aligane. So no you’re mistaken.


How are you selecting an attack target and figuring out who you can attack?

My understanding: Every taunter taunts everyone who’s not in his 5ta and does not have more troops than he, unless he’s on cooldown or trapped. But being taunted doesn’t actually affect you until you try to attack someone in a taunter’s 5ta. Then the game will ask if you want to redirect your attack to one of the relevant taunters.

Taunters protect all prims at a castle in the 5ta except other taunters. If that is not what you are experiencing then your game is bugged.

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I have been taunted in Aligane and didn’t understand how…

Think she means being a alliance member being taunted by a friends taunter lol

5ta wouldn’t be taunting other 5ta members

Your target’s ally has a taunter there.


Taunters either behave inconsistently within certain criteria, or there is additional factors im not aware of.

To start with know that taunters only taunt primes with less (possibly equal I forget if that is taunted) troops than theirs.

Secondly if their cooldown threshold is hit they won’t taunt until cooldown ends

Thirdly if they are trapped, they don’t taunt while trapped

Fourthly if you are trapped, the trap supersedes the taunt and you can only attack the trapper that has you trapped.

And lastly if there is more than one taunter, you can attack your choice of any of them. (You must initiate the attack on it, when you get the prompt if you would like to attack the taunter taunting you instead, it picks one for you)

Assuming all of that is understood and yes you are definitely taunted. Taunters belonging to the 5ta of the castle owner (outward facing) tend to consistently taunt any attacks on outward facing primes.

They don’t tend to taunt attacks on inward facing primes.

If an inward facing prime brings a taunter, here is where they get super inconsistent. Generally any attacks on the team who brought the taunter will he taunted. Attacks on other inward facing primes seem to be inconsistently taunted.

The big problem that often happens is a non 5ta team comes to help you and brings a taunter. This taunter blocks other friendlies from attacking the enemies (inconsistently)

For this reason it’s generally only
Considered good to use taunters if you are in the 5ta of the defender or if you are attacking with only members of your 5ta joining in the attack.


Thanks. Didn’t know about this part.

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This is exactly what I experienced. I’m at a castle with my 5ta and another 5ta comes to help us. They bring a taunter. I keep my sieger troop count low and refill after each attack to avoid massive losses (25k at a time!). Because I have fewer troops than the taunter it taunts me even when I’m NOT trying to hit their 5ta. Yesterday, I went down the list of enemies with taunters and made sure they were all trapped. I start to attack an enemy player and get a message I’m taunted. Game asks if I want to hit the taunter taunting me. I say yes so I can find out who’s not trapped and it sends me to attack the taunter from the other ally 5ta. And it is inconsistent. In NML, it will say I’m taunted, but I don’t have to attack the taunter before I can attack anything else.

It’s the inconsistency that kills me. Others in my 5ta were able to attack and I couldn’t do anything so I pulled off my sieger and left my trappers there.

Taunt is a passive ability. That’s why it shows people with less troops than the taunter as taunted. It doesn’t interfere with anything unless you actively try to hit their alliance.

How do you know it’s a different 5TA than the team you picked to attack? It’s also possible for teams to swap out teams in their alliance while defending a castle so they can get full glory/castle boosts etc. are you sure that didn’t happen?

I have definitely had them interfere when not hitting their alliance. And I could not figure out why. I have also had times where they didn’t.

Inward facing taunters are not usually helpful unless you are the attacker in my experience.

I am almost positive that I have had instances where I arrived at a castle and instantaneously became taunted before I even attempted to attack anyone.

It doesn’t interfere with anything though. Whoop-see-do if your status is taunted. So what? Hit who you were going to hit and barring spaghetti code or hitting their 5TA, you’ll hit your intended target.


Switching 5tA didn’t happen. We don’t swap 5tAs in the middle of a fight. The taunter was in our partner 5tA. I tried to hit an enemy and it redirected my attack to the ally taunter.

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