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Hearing a lot of folklore about taunter mechanics. One of my teammates sent me this message from support:

Is this correct? Can you set forth the complete mechanics for when a taunter will have its taunt enabled? I was under the impression that the taunt would be operable if the taunter had more troops than an attacker, regardless of levels (assuming not on cooldown from attacks of course). Thank you.

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This is my understanding as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the level would be important since the level applies differently to different primarchs and is already factored in by affecting the troop loss ratio. I’d bet money support was confusing having a higher level with having more troops.

I was under a similar belief for trapping, however I’ve heard conflicting things on that too. (People swear they can trap primarchs with far more troops, of which I’m pretty sure I wasn’t able to last I tried)

Taunt has nothing to do with level. Taunters can only taunt enemies with as many or fewer troops that it is carrying. @PGEggToken can help set the support team straight. Apologies for the confusion.


Trap duration is affected by how full the rusher is. That is, the number of troops currently on the rusher compared to its maximum capacity. Afaik the number of troops on the rusher compared to the number of troops on trap target has no effect


Even this is not true…

Your garrisoned troops come out to help the primarch if he’s attacked, right? So if my taunter has 1 troop on him but 10k in the garrison, will he taunt an attacker with 10k troops?

no, your troops in the garrison stays in the garrison. When your prim is wiped then it’s dead regardless how many troops on it, you will need to resummon.

Now, this may be out of date, but the gox glossary says “

So a taunter displaying 1 troop could have 10k in his garrison that will come to it’s aid, but those troops don’t count towards the taunters taunt? Or is that whole thing incorrect?

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Those troops would come to the taunter’s aid if it is attacked. They do not impact the taunter’s ability to taunt (or the rusher’s ability to trap), as far as I recall.

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Same question with rusher. “Trap is proportional to the number of Troops in the Primarch’s army.” According to the awesome new FAQ by pgeggtoken. So if my rusher with 1 troop, flys over to our castle as the castle is being attacked, will his trap be affected by the troops in the garrison? Or do the troops only manifest themselves if my primarch is there getting attacked. Ive tested and they don’t seem to come to your aid offensively. 1000 troops in the garrison, 1 on the primarch, but in my attack i only had 1 troop.

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thank you sir✌🏻For this answer and allllll the other answers

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I’ve updated my original reply to be clear. Also, you are correct that garrisoned troops do not come to the aid when you attack.

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Garrison troops come to your aid in defence no matter what primarch it is right? Not just for taunters?

Yes any one of your primarchs where you have garrisoned troops will include those troops if under attack. So be careful if you have a sieger hanging around


ive got a couple more questions but i think ill start it as a new post so people with the same question won’t have to read allll that👆🏻 to get to the answer

@PGDave taunter had fewer troops than my sieger, however I could not attack the other team’s seigers. It brought up the taunter pop up and took me to the taunter base when clicking yes.

This was on an island not belonging to either team btw.

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