Taunter Troop size matters or no?

I am trying to figure out what I am misunderstanding about taunters. I have been told that if there is more then one taunter the one with the highest troops will be hit first, but I have been seeing the opposite of that lately when our castles have been hit. That the attacker is able to hit any taunter at the castle even if one has more troops.

Am I missing something. I know it does not have to do with level or maybe it does? Does it have to be equal or less if they are hitting cause I am seeing someone with 2.5 k troops hitting 20k troop taunters but there will be a taunter with 25k and they bypassed. Can someone enlighten me or is this a bug?

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You can hit any and all taunters on a castle. Doesn’t matter how many troops they have, level, etc.

I’m not sure how the auto select works “a Taunter blocks your attack, attack it now?” but other than that players can pick any Taunter they want.


The thing troop count does is determine whether you have to attack a taunter. If a taunter has more troops than you and is not on cooldown, you will be prevented from attacking any of his 5ta members. Except you can attack any taunter (in the 5ta? I’ve only tried any taunter on a given team), not just the ones that have more troops and are not on cooldown.

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That was confusing or I am tired😳

Taunters only affect primarchs with fewer troops than they. That’s how troop count matters.

But you can attack any taunter, not just the ones affecting you.


Put simply, you can attack any taunter on an island irrespective of how many troops they have on there (provided you’re not trapped by a trapper). Whether you can attack other Primarchs as well is another question, which is where troop count comes into play.


Thank you for the info on the Taunter troop count effects. I now understand why a sniper can attack the lowest level player’s Taunter which has fewer troops than the higher level player’s Taunter. :+1:

I’m pretty sure the auto select will select the taunter with the most troops (not positive)
But then If you want to pick a different one you have to manually pick that taunter.

Wonder who we can get to verify this

Could always go snipe a few castles and see what happens :smiling_imp:

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I did but results are inconsistent and support telling officer that when a castle attacked it is the one with most troops that gets hit cant hit other, so as usual support giving out wrong info and trying to get what it is

:rofl::joy: support couldn’t spell Atlas, much less play it.

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If there is more than one taunter, the one with the most troops will be auto targeted.

However, you can manually select to hit a different taunter even if it has less troops.

I didn’t know that. I could have sworn that this is not true. I’ll have to test it out!

Its 100% true - I avoid taunters all the time :joy:

But this is not true?
I am currently having issues sniping a castle where I am forced to automatically fight the taunter with less troops than I enter with. Have PG changed something?

Can you pick a taunter if there is a second?

Its still the same where you can choose any of the taunters to hit or skip the taunters if you have a higher troop number than them.

It might be that the you had a higher troop number than one taunter but lower than another and the game rerouted you to one of them? (should still reroute you to attack the one with higher troops though I think)…

if its continuously happening, open a ticket?

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Yes, you can

I was replying to unleashtheBill thanks though😁