Taunter vs Fighter vs Sieger vs Destroyer vs Rusher, who’s the best?

Which one is the best in your opinion? Taunter is the best in my opinion since it has the biggest troop holding capacity

Bigger is not better :man_shrugging:t3:

Depends what your play style is really

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Taunter probably has the least amount of utility in the team to be honest.

Rushers are my favorite for their high defense and trap ability

Each has its on character. And can be used on different situations. Be it on attack or defense. Learn and study each of the Primarchs strength and abilities. You and you only would know what is best for you. Hell, even the Fighter has it advantages :grin:

You basically asked what’s the difference between a bullet-proof riot shield, pistol, rpg, rifle and a medieval spiked shield of Death



Taunter should only be researched by the highest level players on a team.
Sieger should only be researched by advanced players, If you need to ask, you’re not ready.
Destroyer is great for any player that wants to join raiding parties and/or reek havoc across Atlas.
Rusher should be every players first Research. Rushers are great for learning Atlas, and essential for even the highest levels of Atlas.

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Does this mean I’m advanced with a sieger and rusher? :joy:

Age doesn’t count Grumpy

I’m sorry for you then Bomb… :joy: :older_adult:

Fighter is best, hands down…:smiling_imp:

I was a troll in the comment above.

The fighter is a weak beginner primarch. It’s only purpose is to get it to level 5 to unlock the next tier, the get discarded. Rusher, as noted by others, is great for learning atlas. As you learn atlas, and build your troop reserves, you need to be mainly spending your troops in defensive battles. The rusher is perfect for this, with high defensive stats. In team battles, the rusher’s trap ability is essential, and functions regardless of player level or number of troops on the primarch.

As far as troop capacity goes, it will be extremely rare for you to need max troops on your prim. As noted by others, please check out the excellent tutorial resources available online.

Thank you Mechengg for the correction!

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Name one thing that makes the fighter better than the destroyer, and summon time does not count.

This is not true at all.
The trap duration is directly proportional in regards to how many troops are on the Rusher.

10% of max troops on the rusher, the trap will last for 10% of the max time indicated
50% of max troops on the rusher, the trap will last for 50% of the max time indicated
100% of max troops on the rusher, the trap will last for the entire time indicated

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Oops. Thank you for that correction!

Do you know how to do strikethrough in html?

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That hides it.

Edit: it works now. Took a bit of fiddling. Thank you!

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Hmm then i dunno.


Two tildas infront AND behind it



There isn’t a best.

They all serve different purposes.

  1. Good for learning. Drop for something else as soon as you can (level 5).
  2. Destroyer - - if you plan to have only one, this is what I would suggest. It’s better than the fighter, but because it’s all around OK, it doesn’t excel at anything. Again, if you don’t plan to have 2 or more primes, go for this one.
  3. Rusher - - critical in battle, especially defensive battles. If you have two, things should he one of them.
  4. Sieger - - most powerful offense (but at the cost of being the must vulnerable to attacks). If your going to have two primes, and you not stacked with level 60 towers, this should be your second prime.
  5. Taunter - - useful, but not necessary. If you have all three slots unlocked, and you have a lot of troops and a very strong base, make this your third one.

TL;DR - - rusher and Sieger are critical to success. If you have only one slot, compromise and get the destroyer… Even then, I’d say to have a rusher to at least level 7. But, that’s just my opinion.

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:man_facepalming: You miss the whole point of my statement. Cherry picking on the moot and sarcasm part. :man_shrugging: