Taunters and allies


If an allied team comes to assist your castle and you have a taunter, when they attempt to attack the enemy, it will redirect to your taunter. Yes, you get the dialog, but many are new to Atlas and click right through.

Taunters should probably only redirect attacks against primarchs on the same team. Or, should allies be implemented in game (as they should be) attacks against any allied members.


Where is the fun in that? Isn’t it more fun to watch Alliances break because so and so hit so and so by accident?


Not sure if it works this way but have you tried giving passage to your allies at the island under attack?
That “should” see the allies taunter as friendly.


I don’t think that can be done without building a fort.


So you need to build a fort. :wink:


You miss the point. Forts cost money. Specifying an ally should not. I’m not asking for free passage around a blockade we did not set up.

I’m asking for:

  1. allies should be able to attack an enemy at my base without my taunter pulling them off
  2. all allies to have a unique identifying color so teammates know not to attack them.
  3. support for up to 25 allies, not just 3.


25 is a lot, makes for one huge megablob, maybe something a little less at max upgrades, thinking 5-7 (350 people :scream:)? The rest would be great, though.


There are several large alliances. Some close to 20 teams or more. You wouldn’t need them all going through at once, but you would enter them all in so when a team wanted by, it would be no problem.


Could also be nice be able to color code teams.
Like red for enemies
Green for alliance
Yellow for no threat
Grey for unknown.

You can add teams to the different lists which would show their primarch and land as the list color.

Each list provides some benefits or warning abilities.


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