Taunters not working

How come taunters are not working as intended? @PGDave

Could you tell me more about the situation @JokerCPP? One thing to look out for is that taunters cannot taunt Primarchs which have more troops than they have. So a taunter with 10k troops can taunt another Primarch with 9k or even 10k troops. But it could not taunt a Primarch with 10.1k troops.


Our taunter has 100k and enemy primarchs travel to our land and just attack whoever they want with 2k troops. I’m not sure what is going on. @PGDave

When was this changed? I don’t remember seeing it in patch notes?

Not complaining as I think it’s a good change just don’t recall hearing it was implemented.

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There could be a couple things going on.

  1. if someone is sitting on a mine or poacher, the enemy primarch’s can attack without worrying about the taunter at your fort.
  2. if they brought a rusher, they could trap the taunter and then pick whoever they wanted to attack.

Good thoughts @Lutrus. @JokerCPP Would you mind letting me know which island this is if it’s ongoing?

@Spooky Looks like it went live with 3.90. It should’ve been present in the patch notes (which I don’t have a link to offhand, but will search around for in a moment) but sounds like it wasn’t :x.

It’s funny because a teammate of mine kept telling me last week that taunters weren’t working correctly on her mini account’s team–weren’t getting trapped or hit and still not stopping attacks. I thought she was mistaken :sweat_smile:

Glad we know the reason now :joy: Appreciate the follow up.

Yea it happened in visiwong area a few times this morning.

Taunters sitting in mines are still taunting attacks on castles btw

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Thanks for the heads up. We have fixed this in the next app update (4.00) which will be released in January.

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