Taunting during resummoning process

I recently went to an enemy castle with my alt account (lvl90+) with a Destroyer to kill some players around the same level. There were only Destroyers, Rushers and Siegers present at that castle and it had a fort which delayed me (as expected). So far so good.

Upon trying to initiate an attack I was prompted to attack a Taunter first. After checking again there was indeed a lvl300+ player resummoning a Taunter with 1 troop which even said “Kill 0 to break taunt…” which I didn’t see before due to the ghostly look and I frankly ignored it as I assumed it was still inactive tue to resommoning.

So my question is:
Why can a primarch, that is still in the resummoning process, use its skill and taunt attackers?

You might say it’s no biggie, and that 1 troop Taunter was killed quickly by only sacrificing 8 troops. But it bought the team enough time to initiate a counter attack and possibly opens ways to exploit this behaviour.

I’m sure it’s not intended to work this way. Can this be looked into and possibly be fixed as a low priority issue?

Your suggestion makes sense; Primarchs which are being summoned shouldn’t be able to use their abilities (passive or active). I’ll add this change to our backlog.


You have a backlog?:rofl::rofl::grinning:

Also, this 1 troop wonder deal! Is very frustrating!

You kill a Prime… then within 20 seconds they are back with 1 troop! Because of “flying Primes” and clocks.

This still needs to be addressed with maybe a 5min cool down time before you can summon again.

Otherwise just keep summoning over and over and over again. You don’t even need troops just force them to fight your biggest bases with 1 troop… if they kill it :man_shrugging:t3: They will be back in 20 seconds tops!

Does attack-quit method work here if they keep a single/low amount of troops on? Just curious

Not if they are higher level… you lose troops they lose 0
So you have to kill the base with 70%
To remove 1 troop

No. I did a quick attack&quit hit and with 0% destruction I killed his 1 troops losing 8 myself.

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guess I will have to test it too… let me get back to you in a few hours

Thank you for the quick response and for adding it to the backlog.

One more thing I just realized is, why can a 1 troop Taunter even taunt me when I have several thousand troops on my Destroyer?
Shouldn‘t this enable me to bypass the taunt?


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