Tax Feature (discussion)

Can somebody explain how taxing or tax feature beneficial to an active player vs who will just “ ah ok ill hit mines 5x today and build troop and im done” lmao.

It isn’t beneficial.

We have a 0% tax on our team and required donations that we track and manage instead.


It punishes the most active players. It’s a shame there isn’t a way to set a max of some sort and that it’s set by individual castles :see_no_evil:.

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Exactly! The tax minimizes the maximum troops you can do in a day, hence it will affect all of your atlas stats etc etc since scores are all related to troop reviving , killing, etc etc except for gear crafting.

I mean is simple logic, there will be teams who wont realize this and will just put the tax. But if PG removes it, then there will be no problem.

Im looking for someone who will disagree on no tax . Pls i want to be enlightened :smiling_imp:.

Tax is a simpler and less hands on approach to getting gold for infa. I agree with sci with there should be a tax until a weekly or daily amount is met and then the rest is tax free.


@PGDave how is this feature actually existing? If a team wanna work as a team, then theyll donate gold no matter what. Not forcefully take gold from a player.

I literally just farmed only 1.2m gold out of 20 runs cuz of tax. Even if the boost will be applied i will only get 1.5m max.

Then another thing, primarch lvling, if u will only get 4.5m gold within the timeframe of event, thats not even enough for a lvlup for primarch.

So it means u have to stop production of troops for 6-7 days just so u can lvl up the primarch once during the event? Lol. Not applicable to all but yes Forscience’s idea would be the best solution, put a cap! Then the rest is tax free!

Yup tax is a beotch.

With no tax and a simple donation system (or a taxed until X amount per week change like Lutrus/sci are talking about and we have discussed many times before in our team) you are able to skew your gold funnel each week to what pops up.

If you have nothing going on that day, you do your 20 runs and donate the 2.9M to the bank (minus how many troops you build).
If you have a primarch leveling event, you open a deposit/withdrawal with the team banker and you can feed 2.9M gold into it per day, and by end of event you can 100% level your primarch just by doing your regular runs.
If you guys get hit hard, you can funnel all of your gold to build troops spaced out properly throughout the day.

The ability to adjust your funnel (and have a bigger funnel due to activity) really is a huge advantage over tax.

Tax simply punishes the most active players and they don’t want to keep grinding.

The bigger disincentive for this is the diminishing returns on the mine/poacher more so than the tax.


The only benefit i see to having some type of taxing system would be if your team was full of terribly selfish individuals who never wanted to donate the required amount and thought they could get away with it/it wasn’t enforced. This would at least take SOME gold from them while doing their runs.


I think that’s a great philosophy! Tax is a tool – your team can use it if it needs to, or it can set it to 0% and come up with its own scheme. Tax is a choice; you’re definitely not forced to use it.


I don’t understand why tax is an issue for ppl. U can set it to whatever u want. As Dave pointed out it’s a tool you can choose to use or not.


10 players collects gold and miximizes multiplier every day with 20-30% tax, the rest of the team does 5-10 gold runs. Fair?

If you are the very active player, do you think its fair?

I think part of the frustration comes from a lack of the understanding of economics and what actually works for teams. I think the lazy uninformed leaders will just assume they are doing the right thing by setting a tax and just assuming that it’s the best way.

It may be an education thing where more well versed players may need to speak to their leadership about it and explain the benefits/disadvantages of both ways to do things.

maybe a little off but the comparison should make sense.

Its okay for your coworker whos doing nothing but sit all day in the office get same salary as you?

And whhhhhhyyyy just gold, ill be okay the food and wood getting taxed hahaha, the resource is unlimited.

You can set tax to whatever u want…even 0%…then make ppl donate equal amounts. It’s just a tool…You can use it however u want


Pls dont miss the point, i completely understand that, and I’m ranting how some leadership wont realize that taxing is sooooooooooooo unfair for very active grinders. And yes im bitchin and ill talk to leadership and i posted because i think “maybe” its important to waken other teams out there doing tax and punishing very active players.

Personally I think it’s a useful tool. It would be nice if there was more flexibility with configuring it.

If you have one player farming a ton and one player running 5 runs, you have an issue no matter how you collect gold.

The trick with taxes is to make them very low. Setting high taxes is counter productive in my opinion. (Nothing stopping you from setting to 0)

The metric doesn’t really change for donations. One guy donates a ton and one none or very little.

I have set a very low tax that generally pays for the upkeep and nothing more. Currently getting 15% gold bonus with a 10% tax per region that will be lowered to 5% once a few bank upgrades are completed. (not per castle, divided among castles in the region)

This way my players only donate extras; when they have no extras, there is still gold for upkeep. They are taxed less than their benefit from keeping infrastructure online. The real advantage is less micro managing needs to be done by leadership. I just have to chase after tax dodgers and people who don’t farm enough gold.

Different people do things different ways. I see it as an easy way to make sure a minimum flow is maintained during times when gold is in high demand. It would be better if it could stop collecting after a quota was met, but with low percentages it’s not a problem.

This is a team game, so how it benefits the individual is not a concern I have. We work on the team and the individuals benefit from the team’s success.


The tax system is a fantastic feature and works great if you have a team that knows how to use it properly.

And why complain about something that you can simply turn off?