Tax Feature (discussion)

  1. Can your team survive without tax? Yes.
  2. Leadership who are worried there will be slackers and non donators of gold put tax so that they “ slackers”cant get away from donating gold even if they just do couple of gold runs a day. And it punishes grinders so bad.
  3. Lesser tax ,20 ,30 % whatever tax is leaving you with a lesser control on what you actually want to do with your gold. What if example troop building event, every bit of gold counts and is important to get points. As for me it would prolly be unlikely of me to donate gold , but if i dont have enough hats , i dump gold to bank no problem. But i can guarantee i can donate lotsaaaa after the event. That is the control im talking about.

Best solution is, if a team wants 200k gold a day from a teammate, ihope there will be osme kind of settings leadership can do to 100% tax till 200k is met. Then tax free th rest.


we dont think tax is unfair we have a pretty good system with the tax everyone gets their runs done and have their troops what they should get


Some teams use it, but it’s not compulsory.
If you’ve got a problem with the tax rate, take it up with your Team Leadership.
This is like saying, “I don’t use Hammers, but my leadership expects me to defend AND heal. Take hammers out of the game so I don’t have to”


Exactly this

Talk to your leadership if you have an issue or find a new team.

Nothing stops you from having your leadership change taxes to zero or finding a team that has no taxes.

That’s a gross assumption. If you don’t like your teams conditions, find a new one.

It’s easy to avoid taxes. No matter what they are set to. And this is why I have to audit for this.

You seem to be acting like gold is some entitlement you have where you want to choose where 100% of it goes, even though you are benefitting from bonuses not possible to get as an individual.

And you are choosing your contribution to the team at your convenience. If you were working with your team instead of against it, you might be happy to take the hit or the team may even aid you with more gold than you could have farmed with zero taxes in order to help you. Teams sink and swim together.

The gold you spend on taxes is used to build up infrastructure, pay upkeep, and have gold to spend strategically on players. (For example
Helping a teammate upgrade a primarch resulting in a net reduction of lost troops, or increases in egg token, or gold bonuses etc.)

You are basically secondguessing your teams leadership choices. Either improve your arguement (and/or communication) or find a team that you don’t have to second guess.

Nobody likes a backseat driver.


Great system ok. I ask same question to you. Can your team survive without tax?

With tax.
5% tax max gold that can be farmed is 100k per day. (Just an example)

So 5k goes to bank.

Without tax.

I wont donate 5k gold in next 3 days because its troop building event, but ill donate 20k on the 4th day.

I dont see the difference.

This is the control im talking about.

Wouldnt u score higher in events if you can control your gold for these events that require gold? Ofcourse!

I dont see why tax should exist because again its sooooo unfair for those who grind the whole multi vs those who arent even doing their gold runs at fair number.

And yes i talked to leadership. Im trying to see how other players perspective is on this matter.


we can survive without tax yeah, we raid crazy amounts outside of atlas too
but we chose to have tax, everyone does mine/poacher runs till it rans out of gold and even then still


No i want you to explain to me why do you put tax? Cuz again putting tax means its compulsory to donate gold right? If you trust your teammates enough that they will donate atleast on a minimum to contribute with gold then tax isnt needed?

You like your wife taking your money and telling you this is only what u can spend today?

If she trusts you enough then she will give u all the money and inshallah you give some money back to her if u feel there is a need to.

If she takes away some money she knows she cant trust u. :upside_down_face: tax.


Except upkeep is due on the 3rd day and because it’s troop training everyone decided to send nothing.

If you can’t see the difference why do you seem to feel so strongly?

As previously stated this is more of a choices of your team. Nothing to do with everyone else.

Incorrect. You may actually yield a higher synergy. But at worst you should do exactly the same. You could just as easily argue no upgrades should happen except bank upgrades to increase gold bonuses, but then your team gets wiped out because no military.

Not true at all. Or at least entirely opinion

Unfair how?

If you would naturally donate more than you would be taxed then it’s actually more fair.

If you would donate less than you were taxed then what you are really saying is you don’t think your teammates are lifting their share of the load or that taxes are too high. (Or both).

Somehow you need to get gold for upkeep and upgrades and your situation can easily result in either failure to pay, officers/banker pulling out their credit card, or increased management overhead. And in case you don’t consider it, this game is not easy to be an officer in for a successful team.

Maybe you should talk to your leadership about lowering taxes, or booting slackers. Maybe you should ask for extra gold from the bank if you have the means to spend it all.

I don’t see why tax shouldn’t exist. Especially when you can choose to turn it off.


Can you answer the question then, why do you put tax?
To make sure everybody donates right?

Just yes or no.


I believe I just explained this multiple times in a few different ways.

If you want I can gather up quotes to highlight this.

No. Not at all

Over the long haul yes, but not necessarily when it’s needed. During troop training most would choose to send nearly zero (or even zero)

Its all well and good that you don’t have to concern yourself with if the upkeep will be paid or if you can make upgrades, but ultimately either the players can take a little burden or the officers can take a lot.

Any player who donates more than they are taxed can just as easily plan ahead. You want to transfer the burden to the team. My team doesn’t work that way. Some do. (Those teams don’t tax and have no issue with the feature to tax being allowed for other teams)

Your post is a bit like saying I don’t like this thing that exists that my team could choose not to use, but I’d rather force the entire game to no longer have it, and you want us to prove to you why we need something we are happy with.

How about you convince the entire game there is sufficient reason to remove the feature that can be chosen not to be used.


ok? So tax isnt a compulsary donation? We must be living on different worlds my friend. Maybe its called charity in your end.


You clearly aren’t reading. It is less administrative overhead. You need to be an officer for a few months and come back. Try dealing with upkeep coming due or upgrades needed or players wanting to store gold safely until they can afford an upgrade or people not contributing etc.

Either the officers and banker spend a lot of effort micromanaging or a small effort is offloaded to each player in their spending (planning).

You have not made a convincing case for me that the feature should be removed just because you can’t convince your leader to remove taxes.


You seem to ignore the benefit you receive from this tax.

Anyways have fun convincing everyone to take away a feature you can choose not to use.


I just want to get a yes or no, no need explanation.

Tax is to make sure everybody contributes right?


i am a banker and no single teammate has problems with tax so i dont get the whole point of removing tax my team are getting the gold they need for troops revive primes, we can pay our upgrades on our castles and upkeep, everyone is happy so if u dont like tax then discuss that with your team you wont get anywhere on forums since you can turn taxes off


Wrong. It can be. But no

It’s to make sure the minimum is always available for upkeep in my case.


@EidolonRM you’re dealing with a child. Don’t get drawn into it.


so you need tax to make sure you can do your upkeep. Cuz if no tax? You cant get minimum for upkeep i mean it should be the reason right?


Seeing how you are not reading or listening,
your quota on over explaining is exceeded and I will exit from this conversation.

Have fun



See u keep telling me theres a feature to turn it off, yet you cant tell me straight that you put these taxes to make sure you get the minimum for your upkeep and the reason why is you cant reach quota without tax because?? Some wont even bother donating right?

The rulith team 1st comments that they dont have tax, and they can manage.
Why? Cuz as they said… its unfair for those who is consistent with grinding to be taxed same amount as those who dont do their sh*t in atlas more like your pulling their weight cuz thats what it feels.

So why not remove the tax so it will not be unfair for heavy grinders and let the gold be free. Or again, make tax customizable .

I dont see as to why some players wont understand the INefficiency of tax especially for those who can finish the 20x daily. You dont want to be the charity in your team. Its not being selfish , its being competitive in a sensible way.

Tell leadership see their action or be pussy not to tell and just leave the team.
I know i know.