Tax Feature (discussion)


if members of a team dont bother with the runs then they maybe should find a different team atlas is the future of wd and have a team work together


The way we work our crew

  • Everyone is expected to donate 2M a week (random figure to keep our secrets a secret). This figure is set by upkeep and upgrades we want to do averaged out over a certain time period. Everyone on the team knows the current amount. This donation is donated to a single collective so easy book keeping can happen
  • We set our tax to 0%
  • Players can figure out for themselves when they want to donate
  • End of week the banker (me) goes to this castle and takes ledger screenshots ~10 minutes before reset and records these figures.
  • If you met/exceeded the donation, no problems
  • If you did not meet, you get a strike. 3 Strikes you are out.


  1. For a troop building event (4 days long or so) people will be able to gather and use 2.9m gold per day just from multipliers. They will donate the 2M the day following the troop building event.

  2. If no gold heavy events are scheduled, people usually do runs in sets 6ish hours apart. Do 5 runs, get 935k or something, use 800k for troops then donate the rest so they aren’t raided. Do 6 runs next time, get over 800k, build troops then donate the remainder again. Etc. They get their gold donations done, their runs cover all of their hats for the day (instead of fewer sets) and everyone is happy

  3. We do actively manage deposits/withdrawals. It is a bit of work but not bad. AKA open up a deposit (if you are in good standings and haven’t missed donations) we give you a donation location for easy tracking, you deposit then tell us when you want the withdrawal. It prevents people from being selfish and storing all of their gold for later/not donating. It keeps the gold flowing positively into the central bank for shipping off for upgrades to the correct locations, and its decently easyish to manage. Do i wish there was assist tools, absolutely. It would be nice to see ledgers from multiple banks from the same screen etc but we do get by.


Taxes are still viable for teams who don’t want to deal with all the extra overhead that comes with not having taxes. Either method (tax/no tax) will still allow slackers to be slackers, if not properly managed. No one wants to handle the overhead? Set taxes. Just don’t have/don’t want to spend the time? Set taxes. Want to instantly protect all mined/poached gold? Set 100% tax.

If taxes were enhanced a bit more, then that’d be ideal, but oh well. If taxing bothers people so much, then they can find a new team? Also, tax evasion is possible but yeah… . If it’s just to start a random debate :woman_shrugging:


And if you’re concerned that some players are doing more runs and therefore contributing more through the set tax rate than others, simply look at the monthly ledger of Gold, Shards, Ships, etc. It’s clear who is doing gold runs, and who is not.

There is simply no reason to remove this existing feature.


If this was the case, then they won’t last in Atlas anyway :man_shrugging:


What tax?
Ohhh wait, we Dont have a castle :man_facepalming:

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Or you could simply worry about your own team and let others run theirs how they see fit lol


That is something that should be addressed via the team’s leadership. If they don’t take action to level the playing field to your satisfaction find another team.

Suggest private messaging the Leader or Officers of your concern, don’t post it publically, that just creates drama. Also, offer suggestions as to what you think would be fair. Maybe ask if they have a group that monitors players’ activity over time and if they don’t, offer to come up with a scheme.

Remember there are many ways a player can contribute to the team. Maybe they can’t do as many runs as some, but instead supply rss to support other players. Try to think of all the game dynamics and not focus on one or two aspects.


I like TAX!!! Monitoring the amount voluntarily donated by 50 people is a pain. Tax is simple.


And I read alot of feedback from teams with tax. All reasoning is to do the upkeep, “its managable”, talk to leadership, you can set it to zero… yada yada…

When you are in a higher tier team, most of the things are mandatory, but not in atlas cuz ofcourse its also hard to find decent lvled players who gives a shit about atlas, and some members has been there for so long cant boot them just for lazy atlas reasons, this is just 1 factor, there will be just some or more like half of team gives a shit about atlas, 1/4 so so… and 1/4 dont care… which punishes super active players cuz ofcrouse main reason u put taxes is to make sure the team can gather gold for upkeep , in short active players pulls those slackers weight. If you are a real team player , even without tax, atleast 10m gold donation monthly is simple task.

If a player at competitive level understands efficiency very well, you wouldnt want building troops less than 1600 a day. (The fix is ofcourse 10-15% tax only )

There are teams who set 100% tax to make sure nothing is stolen from players and bankers or officers will transfer u the gold u need, inefficient That u have to wait 20mins to get ur gold but what if u need it immediately but no officer of banker is online.

20-30 % tax is insane. This is really unacceptable for super active players. Again we are talking about efficiency on playing the game… 20-30% tax and your atlas event score will be punished so badly. Especially if youre targetting the 20% atk gsuntlet and 20% hp cuirass.

@DragonMage , its not just for my team and not to start drama, This is to atleast enlighten how taxes are effecting ones performance so badly, and im referring in general. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks like this. This is my personal input on how and why tax could be such an unfair feature for active players.

Question is can your team survive without tax? If no, then there is really an issue .

If PG decides to remove Tax , that will be a good test on how teams actually work as a team, just need big improvement on ledger to “easily” track who is not actually helping at all. Like other teams who doesnt actually do tax till now, they trust teammates, u even barely need to track your teammates who’s donating how much., that is a good team.


The entire point here is that if you have a problem with the amount you’re being taxed, take it up with your team. Since this is a feature that is set on a team basis.


This isn’t an argument for removing the Tax feature, it’s just an argument for a different team structure.

You want…income brackets…in War Dragons? :rofl: You’re not making a well thought-out sell for why PG should add complicated tax mechanics, just because you like to grind for gold and your team uses taxes.

No, arguing that you shouldn’t have to change teams or leadership strategies in order to not get taxed on 20x daily runs sounds selfish.


I wish I could like this post 200x


My tax is 100%…

(there’s a reason why but I’m not saying…) :wink:


please dont remove tax, if you ever remove the tax please remove the upkeep as well! I VOTE LEAVE TAX!



no officer or banker online means u guys didnt chose good bankers, our officers/bankers including me are always on at diffferent times no one has to wait longer then 20 minuts, all our ppl are happy with the way it is,


if you don’t want to get taxed, then set a safe zone as your home base.

That way, you benefit from the XP and Gold bonus without paying any tax so long as you attack any mine or poacher outside safe zone.


That’s true, but I expect if a player does that and doesn’t contribute back an established amount they may get contacted by the team’s leadership.


well, that’s going to be both the member and the leader’s problem. Set it to something acceptable and they would be glad to get taxed.

During an Atlas event where gold is really needed, nobody want’s 100% tax or even 50% tax. Might be a good idea to send a message that after training 800 troops, donate at least 150K gold or 300K gold for the day.


We have voted on team taxes; originally at 23%. Dropped down to 10% once our infrastructure was stable For certain events in Atlas, I have raised all taxes to 100% for a few hours. Most castles have bankers and a set of players at that castle who are responsible for upkeep and infrastructure.

That being said, I have also rubied gold out of pocket to pay maintenance and buy/upgrade infrastructure.