Tax Feature (discussion)


Like Ken said. If you don’t want to be taxed move your home to the safe zone.

On the bright side of this thread, I know which teams and players to farm for gold since they have a 0% tax rate and likely some are in the process of farming or forgot to dump it in the bank. Once multiplier reset happens, wait a few minutes and farm away.

When I was leader of a Sapphire team, we used taxes simply so we had one less administrative thing to worry about. Between recruiting, scoping atlas bases, alliances, wars, events, etc., it simply made it easier to set a tax and occasionally check for tax evaders than to keep a running ledger and see exactly how much people are donating. And if you needed 6 million to level your primarch, you simply had to ask since there was adequate gold reserves and you’ve been paying taxes so there are no issues. We originally had a low tax and relied more heavily on donations, but people started getting really petty. “I donated X gold and food so I should get it back whenever I want.” People seemed to think of the banks as their own personal storage hut extensions. Taxes seemed to help make people see them as community property since everyone was invested.

But removing a feature that may help some teams and is completely optional sounds pretty dumb.


Only two things in life that are certain…



Might as well add “failure to load atlas” to the list at this point :man_shrugging:t3:

To contribute to the discussion, I think if the title read: amend taxes, or something along those lines, people would have been more amiable to it and perhaps would have formulated that would have been implemented.
But trying abolish taxes, as is seen throughout this thread, is met with opposition bc it’s a tool that a lot of teams use to great success.


Ok im pretty sure players who reads this will remember you and watch out from you. :eyes: sneaky player. :sweat_smile:


I get the feeling that will get patched at some point as an exploit, if your team owns castles.


Probably want to refine your theory a bit there bud :wink:

We get our runs and troops built with fewer runs than teams with taxes then donate the rest so we all sit on 0 gold most of the time 🤷


Hahaha he’s in for a rude shock.

Best teams to farm gold are…not telling. But I farm close to 1-2 million a day if I put in the effort. Just need to know which teams to hit :grin::wink:


I’m sure all 50 of your players do the same. Good luck with that. And don’t call me bud or you may become a mission base.


Ooooohhhh so scared :scream:


No need for threats, I call a lot of people “bud” or any other generic gender neutral term I happen to think of at the time. Dude, mate, chief, buddy, grumplepuss (specifically for grumpy), etc so it’s not meant as an insult to you in the least :+1:


When I hear “bud” it’s condescending. If that was not the intent than it’s all good. Redirect the conversation back to taxes.


Do you have actual responses to people or do you just randomly comment? Seems about all your opinion is worth.


Who me? :crazy_face:


:scream_cat: Meow


Right now at the castle I use, I have taxes set up to 100% since I am working on infrastructure. The rest of the team knows it and if they have a problem, they can set their home somewhere else. Invader gold goes to infrastructure; raid gold goes to troops. :wink:


All the best for your team. I know yall doing great . :beers:


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