TC in event, pretty please

Title says it all, can we please please please have Team Chat in PVPs? It’s so boring in there and you just hit hit hit, this is supposed to be a social focus game, but I feel hella lonely in PvPs :pleading_face:


I think adding that would lag the event more than it already does.


Never know until you try, think it might happen doesn’t mean it will happen :eyes: but I can relate the skepticism :rofl:

Adding TC in the event would be especially useful for those players who forget the targets the team is supposed to be focusing on and do something else instead :sweat_smile: It would also save time if you wanted to run a mega coin and ask for back up. Currently you’d have to quit out of the event window ask in team chat, then reload the event… and sometimes the event can be quite slow to load.


Agreed. It would be a wonderful addition, if it wouldn’t break everything in the process of implementing it :see_no_evil:


you missed “hit hit hit some crappy level 130 base”

And those forgot the no hit and not inviting battles :unamused: no way to stop them, until they are done … or Temporarily boot them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Doesnt make sense not adding it in events though, we have them in atlas… on second thought, maybe it’s what makes atlas laggy? Or not

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I’d like to add on the inbox feature in atlas too. Why limit that to just main game?


Basically for Gauntlet the target is clear and people wont go in and out. Everyone hits the bases that got scouted and has coin ready loaded before. Tc in event wont help anything for Pvp. Im more worried pg will break the game adding this.

Would really appreciate something in current event.

The ability to tag an island like we can mark tiles in KW and Temple Raid, So we can easily identify an island to focus on would be great!

That ones an easy instruction. Hit the biggest available.