Team Achievement Points

How do these work? I was able to claim 0 rewards at the start of the event, then after I was the only one on the team to score any points was able to claim the “10 members get 200 points” reward even though I was the only one on the team with points (was a few minutes into event). As for the platinum stone, aren’t teams that have 40 members dropping 180k eggs in a breed event probably players that have no use for Ochre? Seen other teams claiming rewards without meeting the requirements either. Not trying to be a buzzkill and take rewards away from anyone or anything like that but pretty much just need to understand how these rewards are achieved and confirm that Ochre is pointless as my team will never have 40 players spending 180k eggs in an event at the same time.


My thoughts exactly. Ochre was on life support until we saw the team quests. Now we can call time of death. There are two kinds of players; Those who have no use for Ochre, and those who cant get his stones. MAYBE somebody’s alt on a high ranking team MIGHT get a stone that they can actually use…but for the most part Ochre is over before he began.

On the flip side though I got a free 100 sigils out of this team quest that I wouldnt have gotten otherwise, so its not all bad. :grinning:


Haha it’s a mystery! Our team could claim the 30 members at 1.5k points reward even though we had like only 23 at that level…who knows! :man_shrugging:

Counting is something that this game has consistently had trouble with across all versions and eras. I guess counting is really hard for some people…

I love when the event says I have 18 unclaimed prizes but there are none. :joy::joy::joy:


This is a much simpler way of what I’m trying to say, thank you.


Yeah and I’ve seen screens of teams claiming even higher rewards without even that many members participating yet (again event has just started I know). The reward my team is at currently is the one it should be at, but I could claim the first one being the only member doing the event yet.

If only we could crack the ‘code’… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess we can chalk this up to PG not knowing enough about the game. 40 members spending 180k eggs = a team full of people with zero and I mean zero use for this dragon. Not sure who decided that one but glad I didn’t waste the eggs, and I’m even looking for things to use eggs on for event score. Sucks for everyone that got him expecting to be able to use him.


I already knew this was going to happen…I mean they already said evolve stones earned through team quests - we all know how hard the top top prizes are going to be - and they showed potential team quest tasks which required X number of teammates to hit a certain target. Platinum stone was always going to be out of reach. Those teams that can do it won’t bother - platinum? Meh…

I didn’t think it’d be a top prize like THAT. I mean that’s just…I don’t even know, crazy!

Someone obviously didn’t think this through…@pgcrisis not too late to do something about this.

Any player that may want Ochre are going to be low level. Below 120 definitely. None of them are going to be on the top Sapphire/Diamond teams - aka teams that can actually get the top team prize in team quests.

So if you want to make Ochre relevant, then the Plat stone needs to be a mid-3/4 point prize. Make the top team prize some ridiculous amount of sigils like 2000 or something…


I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but again another example of the disconnect between PG and the game…I’m only level 84 and took me all of a tenth of a second to realize how little sense this makes. Especially with all the clamoring about lack of eggs after you hit sapphire they think a team of 40 are gonna drop 180k for a platinum dragon lol I mean what?

I agree, for Sapphire tier and above it’s just a little side prize, for others just an impossible goal, unless they are spread out across several events? Any information about that?

I was just talking about this in LC. I used 150k tokens for 6 dragons 4 of which are platinum legendaries. Even I can’t come up with that many tokens to be 1 of 40 to get it and he wouldn’t be useful for long. That points requirement is way beyond what players who could use him are able to get.

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Even if it is,still nonsensical. That means 40/50 members would need to spend 60k per event to even take 3 months to get it, 45k per event to get it in 4 months, so on. I know these numbers don’t sound crazy but in platinum (at least in a lot of platinum) it’s hard to find 40 members of one team to be on that pace. It’s easy for me, but for 40 to stay that consistent I’m not so sure.

Of course I’m talking about players that could use the dragon, I am well aware plenty of players in platinum leagues can maintain that pace just fine (I am one of them). In whatever amount of months it takes for 40 of my teammates to spend 180k, I doubt I’ll still be wanting Ochre anyways.

Edit: I don’t really want him, I just don’t have much to use eggs on this event (Mune).

If they made team quests cumulative ie across several events then I can see some teams getting there. Eg total team points of 1m (just an example) across all breeding events in the season gets you the top prize.

Spent 120k for Whale and cons, several Fragments and still Not in reach of needed points… my Platin 2 Team will never be able to reach his platinum Stone, i dont think even the golden one… thats just ridiculous!!!

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This sums it up. Should pack this version of team achievements up and store it for the Spring. Would make a good April Fools joke.

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I’m a fairly new player (around 1 month here, level 45). Was really excited to see Team Quests announcement and an opportunity to get a fairly strong Dragon thanks to my team’s effort. But now I am no longer happy as I will probably only get one stone, and that’s if we are lucky (also, depends if progress carries over to next events).

Yet another feature locked behind level gate it seems. I really hope PG can listen to our feedback and adjust things accordingly. Goals set for Team Quests are way too high. Maybe it should scale per league team is in or something, not sure.

Could be the numbers are cumulative across events, including the previous breeding event when Ochre was released… That would explain why people are getting rewards too soon at least.

If it’s not cumulative there’s no chance I’ll see anything more than green, and I don’t think Ochre is worth the tokens just to have another green for me. Good think I didn’t have Durga yet so no wasted tokens…