Team Arabe uses Ringers


@PgJared how long will this be unaddressed? I have screenshots proving they brought in a level 500 after the war was locked in and also the use of a mod. Our team sent a ticket regarding the latter. It is underhanded and unfair practice.

Fix it or I'll forget this game

So? It’s not like you have to hit him? Get the def points and 250 and it won’t matter they brought a merc in.


I understand you feel the need to voice your opinion on just abut every post but this one is tagged for PGJared.


Oh well then you’ll like what he had to say a few days ago in a similar post.


Let him tell me then.


Send him a PM, rather then post on a public forum where the public can comment? :man_shrugging:t3:


I have to agree with Lutrus here. If this was meant for PGJared only then PM him. Otherwise everyone is free to voice their opinion here. What is your problem anyway? Lutrus is trying to help you see the bright side.

Also, what mod are they using, what is your ticket number? All these information is required for PGJared to follow up. No point posting with vague accusations.


hire gun is not new and it’s not breaking any rules. it just mean that the other team has better alliance than your team, so time to make friends instead of pissing off people would be my suggestion :smiley:


I’m tired of listening to people whining about ringers. Just get a ringer yourself. Stop making new threads about it every other day.


Here you go, enjoy.


See above from LX.


Again! The posts from the past are great but I want to see what @pgJared says today.


:joy::joy: this one is too funny :eyes::popcorn:.


How do I get this below my name???

Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]

That’s not a post but rather the official FAQ page on Pocket Gem’s website. What more do you want?


A personalized, engraved plaque that says dear whiner, shut up. KTHXBI


To be doted upon hand and foot with a personal signed message from Jared dated TODAY, not two days ago. :man_shrugging:t3:


Lx. No disrespect was meant but does that say it was from 180ish days ago? I am not discrediting anyone elses help. I simply want to hear it from jared himself so I know they actually are dealing with it or just sitting back hoping I’ll get hazed into silence. I play fair. This particular issue has me upset personally and I want to see something from PGjared.


Hey guys, let’s chill out with the personal attacks. War Dragons is and will always be a PvP game, so you’re going to end up fighting people way above and way below your level. This isn’t something we’ll plan on locking, but roster changes after war declaration is something we’re taking a look at.

@XxLeighxX to private message someone, just start typing their name in the search box, and it should come up at the bottom. Tap on their name, and then the blue “:email: Message” button.


If the post was just for me it’d be a private message. Making a public post invites comment and discussion. Please do not try to discourage that.