Team awards for event

it’s frozen not letting me get awards 1,200 sigils

Should probably contact support?

I did they said there looking into it now I’m waiting chests will be gone and that’s why I want my sigils for the rider I get 18 gold chests

I have noticed the even rewards windows getting stuck. Same thing happened muyltiple times with the individual reward with the last bonus item. It would get stuck so I could not see it.

This has happened to me too but a simple force close fixes it. @ OP: file a support ticket if the usual methods don’t work? :t_rex:

Are you 100% sure your team got this? I’m only asking because last kindom wars event our team got 7/8 and collected then at the end of the event when it was finished it said 8/8 there like it does with you and the last prize isn’t claimables.

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