Team birthday 🎁

Just got to thinking and I know we do a game birthday celebration with prizes, but how about a team birthday present?
Gifts with increasing prizes year to year. Will need to limit prize to one per player per year as well so it’s not possible to team hop and get lots of prizes.
This would reward loyalty like I see a lot around here wanting, and it’s only once a year so not really a game changer.
I think a little of everything pack with a set, not % where it grows exponentially, increase each year? Packs for lumber/food, rubies, tokens, shards, embers, pearls, timers, heals, Atlas stuff too if the team has it .

:boom: Bam!


Give this guy a medal , nice suggestion

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So, is it your anniversary of being on the team or annoversary of team creation?

Neither actually, just random thoughts.

Edit: or wait it’s for team creation date I propose, but on the team date seems cool just don’t know how that would be implemented, I guess they have the data internally.

@LordSamiell thoughts?

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Really? I didn’t get any prizes or celebration :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Last April? Let me find the post.

You right, celebrated but a contest not just prize

200+ views and only 4 likes and 3 replies?

This is such a good idea :bulb::fist:t3::heart_eyes:

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