Team Blocking other teams

Too many times I have seen teams bullying my team either with words, farming, excessive wars, and constantly inviting my teammates and myself when we made it clean we have no interest. There are some teams that throw power around and are just overall bad sports. We have been placed in leagues with teams that have bullied my teammates before and we got stuck with them. I am anti-bullying and with a possible team block my team and myself would never have to interact with them again. We would not be cycled into the same league is my vision for a team block.

Block all teams. Never end up in a league with anyone. Best. League.


Solo D1, best the prize payouts

Join an even stronger team, and pay them a visit? :upside_down_face:
Specific to Farming, I used to send them a love letter :wink:


Probably be quicker and easier to work out why your team are annoying others so much that they are doing that. Maybe stay out of LC. If all this is happening so often, you must be annoying people somehow.


Bullying in a war game who knew? Wonder what your suppose to do in a war game🤔 just sit there n do nothing like farmville?


Some weren’t even in my league and it was always unprovoked. My team is kind to everyone and if they are not they get kicked immediately

Bullying in a more personal manner is what I’m referring to and throwing around ones strength.

I’ve been playing this game 3 years and my team have never had any problems. Occasionally, these things happen to a team once for no reason but you have had all of those problems and you think it’s for no reason? No chance at all.

If I block all but the top 24 teams, does that mean we get promoted to D1?

Yes unless we all block the top 24 teams and then I guess d1 would be too full

It’s a sound strategy.


I’ve had a player join my team w 2 alts and delete everything on the wiki and put his name on all of the page with his name saying stuff like “so and so” was here. And harass my teammates verbally and sexually. Me and a few others reported him but never got a responses back. So we just rode it til he just stopped…took a few months though. In short…if you want PG to do something about bullying…it not going to happen.

Nice, so they DESERVE to be bullied.

With LC, you have the option to block and/or report offensive posters. If you report PG will see it.

As to wars, if your team doesn’t have 50 or close to 50 depending on your league level, or you are weak relative to your league peers, yes you will be warred on regularly. I personally try not to hit the same team more than once per league rotation, but that’s me - others will take advantage of the easy points.

In PVP if you have players on your team which have weak/easy bases, of course you will get hit regularly as it is the best points for your opponents.

Farming is a different problem. Changing your name can cause farmers to lose bookmarks. Works fine as long as you haven’t exchanged messages with them, and they don’t remember your team name.



Where did I write they deserved it? I can’t seem to find where I wrote that. I can find where I wrote that finding the reason is the quickest solution but not where they deserve it.
I pointed out they are annoying someone. The quickest solution to this is to adapt their behaviour. If it’s happening so often then it’s going to keep happening.
As for deserve. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. I don’t know or care to be honest. We don’t have the whole story.

You concluded that they must be being bullied because they were “annoying” someone, in other words they are bringing it on themselves. In other words, it is the victim’s fault.


This is most certainly true. We don’t have enough information to speculate.

No you concluded I meant that.
If you go down a street calling people names and they punch you. Then you go down the next street doing they same and they punch you. Would you deserve that? No especially if you didn’t realise your behaviour was wrong. What you did doesn’t excuse them bullying you. HOWEVER it might be kind of someone to point out that it is your behaviour that could be causing the reaction to try prevent you getting hit every time you leave the house.
I didn’t say they deserved it as I don’t know. I told them they could adapt to prevent it happening so much.

Gee, do you feel like you’re being picked on despite saying something harmless? Couldn’t be.

There’s no velvet rope outside this game and very apathetic bouncers. We’ve got a full complement of trolls and people just want to start shit and get their giggles from shocking, gaslighting, and trolling.

edit: it’s not exactly off-topic, but this thread is in danger of becoming all about on person’s response instead of OP’s suggestion. Maybe we should all reconsider.