Team Blocking Rude Teams

I have seen teams bullying other teams either with words, farming, excessive wars, & constant invites. There r some teams tht throw power around & r just overall bad sports. Personally I have been placed in leagues with teams tht have bullied my teammates before & we got stuck with them. I am for anti-bullying & with a possible team block, my team & myself would never have to interact with them again. We would not be cycled into the same league is my vision for a team block. There r so many leagues in this game it would be easy to be cycled into different leagues & league lvls change all the time meaning it would be easy to not see them but if the blocked team must be cycled into the same league make them invisible to each other. Leagues with Atlas wouldn’t count. With a limit of at least 5 or less per team of teams tht can be blocked at any given time.

all leagues have atlas… not all league groupings, but silver

gold thru diamond teams have atlas

not sure about silver actually


I’m not sure you can drop down to silver. :thinking:
Even inactive teams idle away in gold V

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So I could block the top five teams in diamond? :star_struck: :joy:


then people could block every team and be invincible.

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Pretty sure someone else suggested the same exact thing recently…lemme go search…

Thought so. Can we close for spam? It’s the same OP. Almost the exact same post as well.


All leagues do not have atlas

It was changed and clarified in this post

It clearly says only 5 teams!

It wouldn’t help in tht way lol. U wouldn’t see them thts what blocking is.

It’s the same exact idea. Nothing changed.

It was clarified. It was in fact changed.

Oh sorry, leagues with atlas don’t count.

Enjoy Silver and Bronze leagues then, cause those are the only leagues that don’t have Atlas.

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Gold does not have atlas

I’m on a gold team.

I have Atlas.


So am I and we do not have atlas. Maybe the team ur on dropped from a league tht has atlas available

But your proposal says leagues that have Atlas.

That would be leagues that have teams in them that have Atlas.

Some gold teams were given Atlas via lottery or they dropped from higher leagues.


Atlas leagues is what I meant

Atlas isn’t league specific.

And what does Atlas have to do with someone “bullying” you anyway?

“Only bullies have Atlas?”


Atlas is in fact league specific on who gets it. I never ever said people with atlas r bullies