Team Bookmarks For The Enemies

I think it would be more convenient to put a tab to save teams on. so instead of having to look up the team all the time you would just have to save it into the bookmark in the main View. I was just thinking because I would like to save some teams to attack also instead of having to go look them up or send them a message and than click on the view profile and than look at the team. I just think this would help from having to go through so many screens and causing the game to do so much when it doesn’t have to.
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Be careful moderator of anti-farming group will reach you😹
But seriously,I can’t get it completely.
What exactly do you want?
We already have bm,is it not comfortable enough?

Honestly, it’s not really useful unless it’s xp farm team.
I’d rather have my entire teammates placed in one category, so I can quickly review my teammate’s bases.

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You can go to league teams list and chose your team
Then check any base,using Attack icon
Same 2 clicks

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Unfortunately, the one I need to check is usually at page 3 to 5.
That means saving 4-6 click plus loading screen into one simple click.

Even if it’s at page 1, saving one loading screen is totally worth IMO…

Loading screen

It wouldn’t be for farming it would be for battling a team that you have in mind and you want to keep that team on the list. Like say I have started a baby team and someone just picked on my little baby and he was a big player well now I want to see the team so I’d look it up select it and add it to my book mark so I could look at it later :sunglasses:

Isn’t this bullying? Why not bookmark the leader instead?

This is only you. Normal player would just forgive and let it go. if you gain that much hatred from the game, maybe you shouldnt playing it anymore

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That’s funny the person was the leader :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Btw I thought this was a war game :laughing:
Ever played a war game without taking each other out…
I’m thinking maybe you should quit the game

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Actually I’ve been joking
I don’t care if ppl farming someone or no
When ppl complaining about my mate farming someone-I’m just ignoring
Because they both are adult ppl and must be able to fix their problems by themselves
I can’t tell 40 yo guy to stop hitting ppl in War game,lol
But I think if you’ll farm whole team for nothing (they can only be useful,if they holding gold imo) then it’s not a nice use of your free time

I’m just one person. I enjoy the game that’s why I’m coming up with all these great ideas. I just want it to be more fun for everyone. Especially when you go to Atlas it’s so much fun to go to the red zone and go get glory points because everyone goes there to attack each other and it’s more fun :bowing_man:

I didnt say anything about not taking each other out. Although it is war game, it is a game. My opinion is that it seem like you are having bad emotion because someone attacked you while they are just playing the game and you hold that grudge way too serious to the point of ask for a function that only you need.

Nah I’m just active and like getting people back

Then use revenge

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I don’t see a point to this :man_shrugging: Player bookmarks seem just fine. If you need to, bookmark a player from the team you’re targeting and then, through their profile, you can access their whole team. But really, I don’t see the need for that at all unless they’re an XP farm or you’re being petty. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:

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