Team building - Shadow Titans

Hi everyone :wave:, I am building a team…I need a few people who are willing to help me build our team. They will at least need to be level 50, and must have experience in event co-ordination as an officer. (Preferably from Plat or Gold team), Alts also welcome.

Feel free to message me :relaxed:

try putting this thread in recruitment category :slightly_smiling_face:


Specifically in the LFM section


Sure :smiley:

If they’re from plat or sapphire…why would they want to join a lower ranking team, im assuming probably bronze if you just made the team. And please don’t take that in a rude way, im just trying to help you grow your team. But it might be better to see if your team could merge maybe with a team thats in plat and possibly sapphire.

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Anybody like retiring taking a break but with experience, and I admire your knowledge :wink:

Sure will see to a few