Team chat in event

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So, during this event we were thinking how good it would be to be able to communicate with teammates, ask for granted assistance with attacks for example. But to check an enemy base then get back to chat takes a lot of time as the event is like a bloody onion with layers.

The response time is very much extended and not certain at all.

What do you think? Could the team chat be integrated into the event screen in some way?


Its just my personal opinion.

I dont think that we really need them. Officers or Leader have the option to write a message to all members with all important infos as a mail. And its also possible, to mark the teams, where you wanna do your attacks.

You can write your teammates a message, how usefull it is to use the 4 energy, and not using a mega attack, to use inner fire etc.

Than you can mark 4—5 teams (they will show up at the top with red color), so that every player knows where to attack. If you or another officer things the attack is enough, you can take the mark back, and select another enemy team.

OP concern is about event assistance coordination, not which team to attack.


@THUNDERxB0LT got my message, while @GENTLEM4N kindly explained everything that can be very useful for other readers.

Think it a great idea!


PG has more important issues to worry about such as scaling missions…but I am in for this one. So annoying when people are in the event and I’m helping with xp runs…and they don’t respond.

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I know they have their hands full, and I should stop daydreaming, but it would be so nice to organize these attacks and back-ups in an efficient way. :we don’t have emoji for this expression:

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I think this is a great suggestion, although probably not a priority.

I can tell you for more than one event where I was backing someone and needed to ask them to stop for a few minutes, they did not see TC as they did not leave the event screen, and as I try to type just one word before they swap dragons it can take several tries or I may even have to abandon them and let some energy burn.

I think chat could use some revamp in general. But I think they don’t consider chat a competitive advantage. (It’s like the $0.25 clock in your $45k car, nobody cares enough)

For example I wish I had a thumbs up or thumbs down button when flyig as an attacker. Or some kind of minimal ability to respond. I also wish PG would partner with line and have TC be an automatic chat in line that could be accessible from in game our the line client. Easier said than done. Or some kind of translate feature…


I also like it.
It was a good idea to introduce it in Fight Pit, and here I would want to have it as well.
There are just too less possibilties to communicate in the event. And switching to mails and chat is a lot of effort while feeling the battle heat.

Maybe diffent colours would do as well.

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