Team contributions out of sync

The team contributions list seems to have had trouble keeping up at the start of the event. My team contribution score runs about 90k (~3 builds for me) lower than my personal score.

It’s not a big deal for me personally, I’ve got plenty of points for the team rewards we might get anyway. But if you’re close to a team achievement tier it might be worth double-checking if your score on the team contribution list matches your personal score.

Mines off to lol I’ve reported it already so well see

Yeah I noticed it yesterday but I assumed the servers would eventually catch up. I see more posts sprinkeled in other threads, so maybe it’s useful for @PGJared to give the dev team a poke and see if they can sync this up for everyone in a scripted way before the support desk gets drowned in manual corrections.

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Actually I’ve been doing some checking with Mechengg’s fortification planner, and it looks like the issue might be the other way around. My team contribution score actually matches what I’d expect with the towers built so far, so it seems I’ve actually gotten 90k extra personal score points somehow.

So on second thought, no need to fix anything, perfectly happy with the current situation. :joy: :rofl:

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Mine is off also. Great update!

“I am satisfied with my care”


“Bank error in your favor!”

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