Team Cover Art Pics


So I’ve been making cover photos for a bunch of teams and someone suggested I post them. Kinda like a visual “team tout” feel free To drop requests!


I would like to see a cover for darkwinds





No request, just to tell great work!!





THANK YOU :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. This is really cool stuff!


GW2 :smiley:

Evil :rofl:


The bwab one is awesome


Is there one about DarkForestPath?


WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME!? Get off the forums and back on Line we’ve got work to do.

They look awesome :wink:


There can be!






I am a woman…I can naturally juggle 18 things at once.
Like a friend recently told me: you give a woman a list of 20 tasks to accomplish and she will complete them all, moderately well.
Give a man the same list and he will rock on the first one. Then, look at the rest and shake his head, ignore it, and proceed to attempt to sell you on how well the 1 was done!


The one for TheAnkou is perfect! @Arachnid, @Iridestra, look it! :point_up_2::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Iri has seen it. Lol