Team Cover Art Pics


Wow these are awesome! Keep up the good work. :grinning::+1::+1:


i better get a snap chat or a video sent to me of you juggling.
You’re a formidable woman indeed!


These are awesome! Can I request one for my team, ArmyOfMayhem? Even though I’m leaving the game, I was one of the founders of the team and I would love to see one for them. I’m sure the those remaining would love it too.


Oh no! Don’t leave!



That’s so pretty :two_hearts: ~


Very nice work :+1::+1::+1:


So awesome! Can you do one for ColdBrewCrew??



That is amazing. Thank you so much!



HAHAHAHA I couldn’t help myself. Tell Ting I said Hi!



That’s hilarious! Love your humor :kissing_heart:


Hahha ty! Sometimes, if we don’t laugh, we cry!


What about one for Dreadnought? Bonus points if it has a baby panda in it :rofl:


Wow! Amazing job on these team covers Jen,could I request that you do one for NightsDrag?


Yep! Will do!


Bahahaha awesome!! Thank you and will do!


We already have a logo but those are amazing!:heart:
I love Ankou,NMO anc BWAB ones