Team Cover Art Pics


The red dragon look like Thorn from the inheritance cycle
(Not calling out just saying)


Can you do one for Heavenlyhell?
Please and thank you


I couldn’t pick just one!


here ya go!


just…wow. Can u do one for Midgardswacht ?


These are awesome :heart_eyes: could you do one for EndOfDaysPlay


Truly Fantastic, love them all.

Would love to see what you would come up with for SkyGladiators if you feel so inclined…


Love your work! You inspired me to make one as well. Slow day at the office :man_shrugging:


Can you make one for Mythicalbeast… our quote is “Unleash the beast”


Wow, these are incredible!

Only suggesting because it may be fun to do: DeadMansParty


These are fantastic! If you get time, PhoenixDragons would love one as well! Our motto is Rage like a Dragon, Rise like a Phoenix! :heart_eyes:


Would love to get one for TsunZuArtOfWar


These are amazing!!! Do you think you could make one for our team KindredLegends
Thank you!


Could we get one for syn3rgy please


Incredible work ! Just wow! I would be very excited to see this for DrachenKinder (German for DragonKids) :scream::heart_eyes:


Hello . I just came across your work and I love it . Any chance you could please make one for my team XAngelsDemonsX ?


Can you do one for MuckingFuddles? :yum: thanks much


Can I request a cover pic for 50xWarriors


Waa! Can you please do Strikers?


Could you do one for the 1nsan3J0k3rs please? Our motto is beyond insanity is evil. Beyond evil are the jokers.