Team Cover Art Pics


Amazing work @ChefJen ! Would be a pleasure if you could do one for my team “DrachenKinder” which is the German word for “DragonKids”!




Can you do one for DuskTillDawn66 please


Warning Mature content


Love the artwork! Wanted to request one for Sky Scorchers - curious what comes to your mind


Hi Jen, can you do one for DracoGenus?


This thread is awesome!!
Any ideas for SoloHunter?
Soloists together


Can I request one for each of my three teams: MythicDragons, DrakoElite, and NewRoyalz? Would really appreciate it please


heyy :hugs: could you make one for skygang please??


These are all awesome :hugs::hugs:
I’d love one for FlameMasters :grin:


I would love to see a cover pic for my team plz plz plz … AlbertaUnbound <3


Be nice to see one for our team. AFFLICTION


Amazing. Could u make one for Seyrawin? Ty :blush:


I would love to request one for WarEnforcers! You do amazing work!



Big fan of your work, keep it up!


Please, we need one for our team : PetitPanda (little panda in english)

Thanks VonQuellen p


Hi Jen. Really great work. I’d love to see what you’d make of our team Drachenelite (Dragon elite). Keep on going :+1:


These are all so great!!

Could you do one for our team Cerealkillers if you get the chance? We’d be forever grateful!



Awesome work, is it possible to get one for ProjectGhost. Keep up the great work