Team Dungeons after breed?

Is there a chance we see team dungeons in a couple of days?

With only 2 weeks left and a trading post next week with the limited time branch on the last week it seems a bit busy to plonk it in the last 2 weeks?

Or was Team Dungeons scratched?



That would make me consider quitting…
I look forward to Dungeons each season best thing apart of this game In my opinion.


Wait limited branch and post? How come Pg didn’t add this to future releases?

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You mean like there has been for the last 5 seasons? No idea why people would be expecting those…


I really look forward to Dungeons more than I do Assault. I’m both surprised and sad that it hasn’t shown up yet.

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Don’t worry, fellas - your wish will come true on Monday. Dungeons are coming.:partying_face:


Why? Dungeons is kind of boring and you can just complete it without even doing a single run. The prizes arent really even worth doing all the tiers for or using all the tokens.
I used to like dungeons when it was solo and had better prizes but now it’s pretty meh. It’s also a shame they didnt do the portraits again. I’d have rather gotten a Halloween line this season than Dungeons

Assault > Dungeons


They should put an Ascension Token in the prize store. :crossed_fingers:


It is great though for the teamwork it inspires.


How can you honestly complain about dungeons? It’s literally free prizes for practically no effort


Never know, they may be happening.
As the poster tami shared says dungeons not team dungeons.

We have no information that this dungeon is a solo dungeon. :relaxed: When I created it, just this logo was available.

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In which day are we expecting trading post?
IT would be nice after ss chests being available

Trading Post is usually expected on the 2nd to last week of the season. Super Sigils will also be present.

I liked Dungeons when it was a solo event - now it is a complete joke. One season finished it within 45 minutes and didn’t fly a dragon once. It takes no skill whatsoever; except, how to join a teammates run.

Assault on the other hand requires the flyer to actually know what they are doing. It separates those who can from those who can’t. Plus, it is fun to try different strategies in the hopes or earning a few, or even, an extra point. It is great to have a non-team based event. PG needs more of those.

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I’d be interested to hear what players thing about dungeons who are not at or close to end game. Working with teammates on teams that have a wide range of player levels might be great for teamwork and to inspire lower level players to keep progressing.


Change “teamwork” to “mooching” :joy:

Awww you dashed my hopes, even if that hope was me clutching at straws.


I really like the team nature of it. I have only been playing for about a year, so there are a lot of tiers where I haven’t bothered parking a good seasonal at (Gold for example, the worst!). I like being able to get help with those tiers, and maybe I help someone else out in Harbinger because I parked some good dragons there. Also, in Red one Kinnara may not be enough to get through (especially without auto attack), but invite a friend and you can use two.

PS: I joined like a week and a half before auto attack became a thing, how did people use sorcerers before that?


It has been a team event for a while. I doubt they would put in the effort to make it solo

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