Team Dungeons - Official Discussion Thread

Tag team back again, check it to wreck it, let’s begin - IT’S TEAM DUNGEONNNSSSS. Check out the introduction to Team Dungeons here: Introducing: Team Dungeons!

And let’s get to chattin’.

Whatcha thinkin’ about?

  • Dungeon? I’ve barely begungeon! (Positive)
  • Dungeon? I’m just here for the pungeon. (Neutral)
  • Dungeon? That doesn’t sound very fungeon. (Negative)

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It would be fun if it was working, anyone else having this problem? Other then that it should be fun to play. Cheers :beers:

I voted positive if it works not like last time

How can 2 gold chests be equal to 15k tokens and 2 *12h.

So basically dungeons now is worth tokens only .


The egg tokens seems to be the best option. Personally, I need egg tokens more than the other prizes


The egg token option without even a single hesitation is the best option of all

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I feel like the token prize is going to be changed, it looks like they added a 0 when looking at the other prizes. Too bad…

How do you earn coins? So far attacking has gotten me 0 coins :woman_shrugging:

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Looks like you earn points by attacking, and then trade them for coins in the prizes screen, and then trade them for actual prizes in the shop.



Remember how people keep saying, “Please just TELL us these things before enacting them”? Yeah… that’d be nice. I don’t disagree with having dungeons. I disagree with them dropping with NO warning. You‘re (PG) making my job as a leader so much harder. :see_no_evil: Plus making your player base feel blindsided once again.


Is this update for dungeons out?

Wait, this is live now? This is supposed to be my day off lol.

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Yeah, it dropped about twenty minutes before the post :laughing:

…yes, i’m just teasing you, Gal

Sure is!

I had a player who happened to open the event page and went, “uhhhhhh when did dungeons appear?”


I’m thrown out of game when trying to click on any prize in half of the cases or so.

The last Breeding Token amount should be “1,500” not “15,000” - just updated the blog post!

How bout you just leave it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to wait to announce so that the team can make sure everything is running smoothly :slight_smile:

too good to be true :sob: :sob: :sob:


Called it :cold_sweat: