Team events pts


@PGDave @pgEcho
Either I’m not getting team pts or it is broken…

we have competed in all events since we got access to atlas and still can’t compete in team event

More missing bank transfers

All teams trying to collect rewards will be presented with a message saying that they aren’t eligible for team rewards due to our adjustment to the Atlas event schedule. For some context:

A couple weeks ago, we adjusted the Atlas event schedule in order to accommodate players from having to participate in two PvP events at the same time, as we launched the Fight Pits. As a result, the Atlas event schedule was shifted around. We’re now returning to a more regular schedule, but as a result, the event server had to be reset, resulting in the message you saw.

This is the same for everyone, so don’t worry, no team received an advantage in the way of prizes.

Training Event ?/issue

Thanks for the response


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