Team found - close

Language: English
Time Zone: Asia
Played time: 1 year+
Age Range: Old enough
Elite Account?: Y
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, Avyx, Hau, Aibrean
Highest Lineage Dragon: Hau

I’ve been playing for a while now. Started back in Fae season. I’ve been in my team for long time now, some of my team mates have been with me since I started. However I feel it’s time to move up to Sapphire. I’ve been in platinum since I started playing.

I’m a decent flyer (best on my team but globally definitely unrated :joy:), always do wars, always top 5 in team for events. Garnet next breed. Base has 5 level 41 towers.

This is my alt as I want to remain incognito (hence the name). If I sound like a good fit please PM me here or reply to this thread!

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Burningforce sapphire 3 check out

Coldbrewcrew has 2 spots after gauntlet… saph 3 atm

Check out DarkenTheEarth. We’re an S3 team (and getting Atlas this next roll out (9th I believe). We have quite a few Asian time zone players, so you won’t be alone :grin::grin:

Thanks all, team found.