Team Gaunlet energy Suggestion

Am i the only one who thinks energy should reset every PvP round?
I see a lot of people not being able to participate in each round because it only resets every 24 hours.

If they did that, they’d raise the point levels needed for prizes…


Every time an island pops up would be a bad idea as it would just make it easier to spam mega coins.

What we need is that energy should reset every 12hrs instead of every 24 but no less than that. This is an event without actual rounds, it needs to stay that way.


Its going to happen in any decent league…at least you have a fighting chance with energy…

Have some people on your team save resets for rounds further along in the day.

Don’t increase the frequency of the resets. It will lead to increased requirements of prize tiers and way more work for every player


I understand that, but lets be honest 100 energy goes quick in a PvP match.

I think 24 hours for reset is crazy if we have a round every 2.9 hours.

You don’t have to reset at the reset time each day. You know that right? Use your free energy for the first 2-4 rounds and use your trade in later on 🤷

You have 49 other teammates. Coordinate a bit :upside_down_face:


oh okay. Ill just not participate in most PvP’s. Great advice​:joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

Whaaaat?? I have 49 other people helping me??? I didnt know​:flushed::scream:

Seriously, a reduced time in energy reset would definitely help. Maybe not every Pvp round like first stated. Anything is better then nothing

Hell in my team we are lucky if we get 2 attacks in each pvp round. Most of the time one or both teams are defeated within 4-5 minutes


Sorry i have to be done arguing here. There are people who understand and those who don’t 🤷

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I can only do 1 atk in pvp time :scream:.

Counter proposal, make pvp island HP higher ? Cus Get your point, sucks that u can only do 1 atk in the island that gives the highest point lol. :ok_man:t3:

The scale lvl of players are now higher, before… a typical lvl in platinum is lvl 100 below, now its like lvl 150 - 200 and so on on higher leagues. So it means they know how to do this event, they have prepared for it, they know how to prepare for it, hence the 2 minute kill time of pvp castle.

Anything is better than a reset every 24 hours

It seems fine to me the way it is. Should have no problem reaching the 450 sigil prize without spending or even using a single mega coin.

Mechengg’s advice is spot on, you should coordinate with your team based on their availability. No point all being on at same time and shooting your wad so to speak only to have nothing left throughout the 24 hour period. Need to have a LITTLE strategy left in the game.

a. Stable
b. Currently unique to other events
c. Will remain in rotation for now
Should also say…
d.requires no strategy
e. Requires massive spending (or just a handful of whales per team)
f. Is MegaCoin friendly (and…cough…cough…one of our highest revenue generating events)

Strategy essentially = race to final PvE island and MC the PvP’s < 5 minutes… if you’re lucky, you have enough players with enough energy to try and spread it out over the entire span of the event… refilling energy to 16 every hour wouldn’t help.

I get that this event is stable…well, at least relative to the others…and I appreciate that any runs on a PvP that end after the island has been defeated gets a pop up stating that consumables have been refunded, but fix the freaking MC issue since they insist on keeping this in the rotation!

How about:

  1. Disable mega coins during PvP island.
  2. Increase Gustav isle point basis and HP
  3. Decrease re-spawn time to 1-2 hours instead of 6.

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