Team Gauntlet Blackblood Revamp (Concept)

(this is more of a concept for fun than a suggestion, I realize the chances of this ever happening are nearly zero with the amount of work it would take, I enjoy events where the island tower set ups are unorthodox like several pylons on one island, etc, so this is expanding on the idea, as well as the addition of new Blackblood Towers to make things more interesting. Feel free to add on to the concept with ideas or suggestions of your own that would make it more fun, new tower concepts, add some art for what these towers might look like, etc)

The Blackbloods are at it again! They’ve been working hard in the shadows and with the help of some of the land’s most powerful figures, have developed some of the most powerful towers. With these new additions acting in their defense they are nearly free to roam and pillage as they please with no retaliation! Gather your most fearsome dragons and venture into their lands to pay them back in blood what they deserve and recover lost goods. Good luck brave dragonlord

Blackblood Team Gauntlet

Make the Blackbloods great. Below are some changes / notes for this revamped version of Team Gauntlet that would make it much more fun and interesting (imo):

•Each island is like invader base where it’s same level as player with equivalent tower levels.

•Each island name is a “theme” for the towers that will be on that island

•New Blackblood towers and tower variants in these islands that could act as a live testing ground for towers in production without causing mass mayhem on live player bases, or they could just remain in event only forever

•could disable add on resist spells or make Blackblood variant towers to make that less of a workaround for certain islands

•islands don’t follow zoning or limiting rules for towers

•could collect blackblood shards and maybe each player could build (1only!) of their choice blackblood tower on their base, could be transformed at any time to a different blackblood tower

•each island equal points, health, and respawn time except gustav which would be the most points, maybe each island has a chance of “boosted” points upon respawn to encourage trying each island instead of waiting for your most preferred islands to respawn

Here are the new revamped islands with their themes and newly developed towers:

Warrior- warrior drags only, full of og towers

Blast- fire flaks, blackblood bomb towers
-new tower - Blackblood Bomb - high health, short range, once hp reduced to 0 explodes, dealing damage to dragon in range. ss - damages tower by 3/4 or starts detonation countdown light pulses 3 times then explodes

Shield- storm towers, earth flaks, cosmic orr, ice turret, blackblood shield towers
-new tower - Blackblood Shield - shields island including itself with black transparent shield that must be damaged sufficiently to break (can attack anywhere on the shield with breath / spells to break through)

Freeze- ice flak, ice turret, blackblood blizzard tower
-new tower - Blackblood Blizzard - slow breath and projectile mixed attack, ss slows ammo regen

Poison- ballista, blackblood ballista towers
-new tower - Blackblood Ballista - poisons dragon dealing damage over time. ss disables health regen for a duration

Flyby- cosmic orr, pylon, ice turret, farms, (fire flak dark flak trebuchet? towers that would have strategy of making dragon pass over without destroying island, not particularly to drop dragon) blackblood totem towers
-new tower- Blackblood Totem - short range adaptive resist, lowers damage in area til destroyed

Evasion- hunter drags only, tons of projectile towers. archer, cannon, trebuchet, howitzer, mage

Death- ice turret, fire turret, blackblood turret towers
-new tower - Blackblood Turret - black mist attack slows dragon. ss boosts nearby turrets attack

Star- cosmic orr, dark flak, trebuchet, blackblood star towers (island strat to stun dragons making it difficult to destroy towers)
-new tower- Blackblood Star - increases chance of supershots for nearby towers until destroyed, ss - activates supershots of two nearby towers

Roar- invoker drags only, mixed bag towers

Claw- sorcerer drags only, full of flaks, some mage

Storm- storm towers and lightning towers galore, blackblood storm towers
-new tower - Blackblood Storm - darkens island with thunderstorm (like spell) effect and causes dragon to take damage in pulses while in range, aoe tower

Vampire- pylons, mage, blackblood pylon towers
-new tower - Blackblood Pylon - black beam attack that heals nearby towers for portion of damage dealt

Gustav- all blackblood towers, blackblood bomb, blackblood shield, blackblood blizzard, blackblood ballista, blackblood totem, blackblood turret, blackblood star, blackblood storm, blackblood pylon

other blackblood tower ideas -
blackblood mage - beam attack slowly drains rage from dragon, ss slightly slows spell cooldowns for duration

What do you think of this concept, would you have fun in this event? What would you change, add, suggest to make it even better? Do you like some of these tower concepts, think some are actaully balanced enough to go on player bases, or some are way too strong? (personally I think it’d be fine keeping them in event only, and they couldn’t really be “unbalanced” or at least cause too much harm if everyone is facing them the same, only in event) Have any blackblood tower ideas of your own, let me hear em! Which islands do you think you’d have the most fun with? Which ones would you hate the most? Let me know!


This sounds cool but invoker island only seems a bit unfair to new players who have very few/0 invokers because it’s a newer class

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I’m not a newer player and I still don’t have any invokers :sweat_smile:, I also don’t have a good on tier hunter because I don’t like them as much. But I think others would have the same deal like less options with other types like sorcerers or warriors and have to make do or skip them. But I don’t think that would effect anyone very much since there’s a dozen other islands to hit from, and the likelihood of the only island being up is the invoker one is very small I think. So might miss out on some bonus points every so often but that’s it. Although each island upon respawning has chance to give bonus points so sometimes there might be more than one giving bonus points up at a time to choose from so no loss there.

If it came to be that all but one or all islands being in cooldown was a common occurrence a couple solutions could be to shorten all cooldowns, or, maybe the prize for getting them all in cooldown is a “raid” option for islands in cool down since I think this could be a difficult task.